Benefits of Pilates Exercises for Weight Loss at Home

Benefits of Pilates Exercises for Weight Loss at Home

Pilates for Weight Loss: How Pilates Can Help You Lose Weight

A lot of people wanting to get in shape have trooped to Pilates studios. Pilates will not make you burn a large amount of calories because you will burn more doing aerobics or a cardio workout. Pilates however will give you a shapely and well-sculpt body.

Pilates includes mat-based exercises as well as those you can do on a Pilates chair and Pilates Reformer. Regardless of what Pilates type of exercise you choose, the end result will be a well-toned muscles and body.

Muscles burn fats so with Pilates you will be able to achieve weight loss. Pilates however should only be part of a full weight loss program. Pilates plus a full weight loss program plus a balanced and healthy diet will ensure the burning of calories and excess fats.

There are Pilates classes you can attend in a Pilates studio. With a mat, a Pilates chair or the best pilates reformer machine, you can do Pilates to achieve your weight loss goals in your home.

The Pilates Weight Loss Regimen

Pilates can help your full weight loss program by increasing the tone of your muscles. Toned muscles are important in losing weight because the more muscles you have, the more calories your body will be able to burn.

The best weight loss program you can have is to have a combination of Pilates sessions and a cardiovascular workout. Pilates will give you a stronger body to be able to cope with an intense cardio workout for a more energetic workout that will burn more calories.

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While mat and Pilates chair exercises can help you burn calories, the Pilates Reformer has more exercise variety to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Working out on the Reformer will strengthen and challenge your body.

A Reformer consists of a cushioned platform with springs that allow it to be attached to a frame. The springs move as you push or pull your arms and legs. The Reformer also includes long straps with attached handles which you can pull to set the carriage in motion.

The Reformer can be used for a variety of full body workouts. There are over 250 different exercises you can do on this machine. The variety makes every workout session fun and interesting.

Working out on the Pirates Reformer in your home provides a lot of benefits:

  1. The Pilates Reformer is an ideal addition to your present weight loss regimen.

The Pilates Reformer will not allow you to lose weight on its own. Working out on the Reformer should be done together with a cardio fitness program and healthy and balanced diet. The Reformer will give you stronger muscles and will boost your metabolism. It will give your body the strength to cope with intense cardio workouts.

  1. A Pilates Reformer will allow you to frequently workout.

Frequent workouts contribute a lot to the success of a weight loss program. With a Reformer in your home, you can work out as frequently as you can. More workouts on the Reformer will improve your respiration, increase your strength and tone more muscles. These will allow you to burn more calories to eventually achieve your weight loss goals.

  1. The Reformer will give you more resistance
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The Reformer has been designed to increase the resistance of the powerhouse of your body (abs, abdomen, hips and lower back). With a lot of exercises to do on the Reformer burning calories will be a breeze.

Taking your exercise regime to a higher level requires consistency. With the right equipment in your home such as the Pilates Reformer, you can regularly workout anytime time permits.

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