Falling off the Fitness Wagon: Tips on What to Avoid

Falling off the Fitness Wagon: Tips on What to Avoid

By now, we all know what it takes to start out new routines. We may choose to sign up for an at-home program or purchase a full membership at a new gym. We commit to a new diet and swear that we’ll never touch anything it doesn’t allow. And if we’re really lucky, we stick to that for about 6 months (even though we usually only stick to it for 5 weeks). Here are some of the real reasons you may be falling off the fitness wagon.

1. A wonky sleep schedule

One of the big killers of any fitness routine is a bad sleep schedule. Getting proper sleep is crucial. Not only does it help you feel more energetic in the mornings (meaning you’re more likely to exercise), it allows your muscles to recover after a day of work, fun, and working out.

2. Starting out too hot

Another big issue people face is that they commit a little too much up front. They dive right into outrageous fitness goals like 100 push ups a day. Two things then happen – usually – either you can’t meet your goals and feel like a failure and give up, or you meet the goals once or twice and burn out quickly.

Don’t fall into this pitfall. Instead, work up to what you’re comfortable doing, then push yourself a little more as you feel more comfortable. This can be anything from doing several small repetitions throughout the day to even starting with wall push ups until you can build up your muscle and joint health to do them “properly”.

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3. A fun night out

Alcohol can end a new fitness program pretty quickly. Not only is it a depressant, which can negatively impact both your attitude and your physical ability to perform exercises, it can add to your weight making you feel discouraged. It can also make operating exercise machinery dangerous. This is especially true if you struggle with alcohol dependency. That’s why you might be needing alcohol detox before and during a new fitness routine. This can not only help you feel better, it will ensure your safety as you work to be a better you!

4. Giving into bad cravings

No one’s perfect. But if you give in to your bad cravings, you lose track of the most necessary part of yourself for truly genuine change: Self-discipline. Sure, and ice cream here or there may not hurt, but if you’re still struggling to stick to a diet and exercise routine, it can be devastating. sometimes it’s better to just bite the bullet and go cold turkey.

Looking into good ways to detox your body and combat “sugar blues” can really be helpful at the beginning of your new regiment. If you need a little help, consider these folic acid-rich foods that can help you improve your workout results.

5. Inconsistent commitment

This is a true killer when it comes to fitness. You commit yourself to doing all the right things – a good diet (except when you’re in a hurry) and an exercise program that fits your schedule (unless you’re just a little too tired today). Soon enough that daily schedule becomes an “as I feel like it” schedule. It yields little to no results, so you decide to abandon it.

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It’s crucial that you only commit to what you know you can stick with, then add on as you want to and feel you can. That way you can be proud of the progress rather than embarrassed or downtrodden by the compromises.

Of course, there are always situations that may pop up to distract you from your new healthy goals. And usually a day off here and there won’t hurt. But you should always start the day with a new commitment to your health goals.

To help you set those goals, talk to your doctor. Not only can they tell you where you should be, they can also tell you what diet and exercise regimen will likely work best for you – and which tactics might be dangerous for you to try. As always, eating right will help you get your health back on track.

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