8 Herbal Products to Boost Your Health

boost your health

With COVID-19 pandemic having surpassed 10 million cases worldwide, maintaining good health and strong immunity is more important than ever. It can not only help one remain in good health throughout the deadly pandemic, but also resists other health issues such as the common flu, heart disease, and more.  The pandemic has also challenged the […]

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What Does a Good Hospital Bed Look Like?


What does a good hospital bed look like? That’s the question that most people have when they are in the market for a new bed. Buying a hospital bed can be an intimidating process if you are unfamiliar with what to look for in a hospital bed. The problem is that this is where most […]

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Antimicrobial Resistance- Understanding of the Term and Its Causes

Antimicrobial resistance happens when microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful infections would be resistant to the antimicrobial drugs you ingest. When this happens, the treatments given to reduce the symptoms of the bacteria in the body become ineffective and aggravate it. It eventually increases the spread of the disease. It is not so […]

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