4 Ways CBD Can Make You a Better Athlete

4 Ways CBD Can Make You a Better Athlete

A serious athlete knows that every little thing counts. A bit of extra sleep. Some higher quality protein. Pushing for that extra lift at the gym. All these little things can add up to huge gains in performance, and CBD is one more thing to consider adding to your routine to make you a better athlete.

Reduce your inflammation

The first thing CBD can do for you is reduce inflammation throughout your body. A number of studies have been done that demonstrate just how effective CBD is in reducing inflammation. CBD works by suppressing cytokines and chemokines, the agents of inflammation in our bodies.

As an athlete, you know that inflammation is the enemy of performance. Too much inflammation means you need longer to recover and your workouts are shorter. Your muscles may be damaged more than they should as you work out, too.

CBD helps you fight back. With less inflammation you can run a few minutes longer, lift a few pounds more, and push yourself to the limit at every session.

Improve your recovery

Recovery time is necessary, but it also gets in the way. The longer it takes you to recover, the longer you have to wait before training again. Many people take ibuprofen, but that interferes with muscle building. So how can CBD help?

As mentioned, CBD helps with inflammation, which means less pain and faster recovery times. It also reduces muscle spasms, protecting you from trauma. Finally, CBD is also neuroprotective, and more athletes are using it to treat concussions.

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CBD is a great way to protect your body and speed up recovery time. Whether you’ve been injured or just worked out a bit too hard, with CBD you’ll be back to training more quickly.

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Improve your sleep

Any serious athlete has to know how valuable sleep is. In fact, some have even called sleep the world’s best performance enhancer. Sleep decreases stress, protects you against performance fatigue, and makes for quicker recoveries.

Cannabinoids like CBD have a sedative effect. They help you relax so you feel calm enough to rest. In fact, CBD is used by many people as an effective treatment for insomnia.

CBD is a great way to get the sleep you need. With more sleep, you’ll feel brighter and more energetic, your muscles will repair and grow, and you’ll see improvements in your athletic performance.

Improve your stamina

When you work out for long enough, you get a great feeling sometimes referred to as a “runner’s high.” Previously, we thought endorphins were responsible for this, but it turns out the feeling actually comes from your body’s production of anandamide: an endocannabinoid.

CBD works on the endocannabinoid receptors in the body, and taking CBD before you start your workout can have a similar effect as the natural production of anandamide. This benefit is particularly important when you’re engaging in cardio exercise.

CBD can help you feel great before you even start exercising, increasing your energy, relaxing you, and giving you that natural feeling that helps you keep going just a little bit longer.

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Where can I find good CBD?

With lots of CBD products to choose from, it’s important to know you’re getting the best products. The cbd insider is a great place to find reviews of different products and get the inside scoop on manufacturing facilities and third-party testing results.

Armed with the right information, you’ll be able to choose the best CBD products for your athletic goals and in the form you prefer taking. By adding CBD to your daily routine, you’ll see a boost not only in your athletic performance, but in everything life throws at you.

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