Getting In Shape The Smart Way, For Your Wedding

Getting In Shape The Smart Way, For Your Wedding

Your wedding day is approaching and you are probably feeling the results of months of being off your normal schedule, eating on the go, and not getting the sleep you need. As the wedding gets closer, there will be showers, dinners, and parties. Now is the time to take control of your body. Allowing yourself time to drop those few excess pounds and firm your body up, You will look and feel great for this huge event in your life.

Don’t go it alone!

This is the one time in your life to put away those DIY fitness books. Here is why. You have a defined goal and a set time to get there. Even with the help of a professional fitness expert, it will be difficult. But ignoring the voice of reason and going into starvation mode and over-exercising will lead to poor health, It could lead to dull skin and hair, dull and lifeless eyes, weakness, fatigue, and some pretty bad wedding photographs. That’s not to mention the risk of injury that could have you limping down the aisle.

Then there are the professionals who are making and/or altering your gown. If you do not work with them and let them know what you are doing, you will prevent them from doing their jobs. You need to speak with them and find out what kind of time requirements they have if your dress needs minor adjustments. If your bridesmaids are also trying to drop some inches, inquire about the time needed if you order online for them. Work with them so there will be no surprises.

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Food is fuel

There is no good food and no bad food. Food is fuel. It performs differently in the body to meet the demands you are putting on it. The first food group you will limit is carbohydrates, Eat small amounts of carbs in the form of whole grains about 1 hour before your workout. This will give you the energy boost you need. Once you are in full motion, your body will begin burning body fat which is how you lose weight.

Protein is the food that rebuilds the muscles. This keeps your muscles strong and healthy as you are growing them. The best form of protein is in meat, fish, chicken, nuts, cheese, and some veggies. Work with your trainer or fitness instructor on how much protein you should consume or check with your doctor.

While fat is an essential food for the body if you are trying to lose weight limit your fat intake and stick with low-fat options. Sugar is much the same. Sugar has its place in our lives. It is fast energy, and it gives us a mental boost. Experts often tell us to use the 90/10 rule. Eat right 90% of the time, but allow 10% of your diet to be something that you just enjoy. On a 2000 calorie diet, a 200 calorie snack once in awhile is not going to affect your weight loss.


Make no mistake about it. Water is the most important commodity in your diet. You need fresh water to flush away impurities and ensure your organs function properly. Hydration reduces headaches and hunger. Drinking cold water 20 minutes before a meal, contracts the muscles in the stomach, making you eat less. The more water you consume while working out and dieting, the better off you will be.

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Follow these tips and begin today. Your body will respond and you will look and feel great for your big day.

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