A New Way to Build Muscle While Losing Fat

man back building muscle in dark

First created by Glaxo Smith Kline and Ligand Pharmaceuticals in 1992, GW-501516 (Cardarine) is a SARMS that binds to the Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPARs). Cardarine, when binding to the PPAR receptor, recruits the coactivator PGC-1a (a transcriptional coactivator that is the central inducer of mitochondrial biogenesis in cells) enzyme. This stimulates an increase in the […]

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5 Best Anti Aging Facial Oils

anti-aging oil jar to skin

Wondering how slathering oil over your face is going to get you a clear, radiant complexion? As it turns out, organic oils are natural reservoirs of hydrating nourishment and anti-aging benefits. They’ve been used by ancient civilizations and indigenous cultures for centuries, and anything that has lasted so long has to have something right, right? […]

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Most common injuries in runners

common injuries in runners stretching outside

Whether it’s a light morning jog in your local park, a treadmill workout, or even a marathon preparation, running is a complex exercise and a staple of any cardiovascular routine. It has incredible benefits for your health and fitness, but you are also running the risk (get it?) of injuring yourself, which could potentially impede […]

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Slim in an Instant

look slim outside cab in dress

Image source Would you believe me if I said you could be 10 pounds slimmer in a matter of minutes? Probably not, right? Obviously, you can’t actually lose 10 pounds in the space of 10 minutes, but there are plenty of tricks you can employ to make it at least look that way, and sometimes […]

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The Big Reasons Why Most Diets Fail

diets fail apple on scale

  pixabay The vast majority of people out there would like to shed a few pounds. And for most, finding a suitable diet is often the first step towards achieving their goals. But, there is a huge problem. As many as two-thirds of dieters actually end up heavier than they were when they first started […]

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Couple Goals: Why Getting Fit Together is Best

couple fitness water bottle man

  https://static.pexels.com/photos/29353/pexels-photo-29353.jpg Working out as a couple is fast becoming the hottest new trend in the fitness world. It’s not just about taking couple pics in matching workout gear either! Working out with a partner, even if it’s your friend, has huge benefits. If you need more convincing keep reading to find out about the […]

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