Alcoholism and the 12-Step program

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To deal with the problem, Bill Watson came up with the Alcoholics Anonymous program. Alcoholics Anonymous provides a platform where alcoholics can share their experiences and heal from the illness through a 12-step program. The 12 steps of alcoholic anonymous begun from the publication of a book by Bill Wilson and it emphasizes on the fact that alcoholism is an illness which can be managed if the alcoholic is willing to make the change.

Check the post below to learn what the 12- steps of the program are:

1. The alcoholic has to admit that they are powerless when it comes to alcohol and because of it, their lives had become unmanageable.

You cannot get better without accepting that you have a problem. The first step therefore entails the alcoholic accepting that alcoholism is an issue that exists and it affects them. You must also admit that you have been unable to deal with it and have decided to seek help.

2. The alcoholic has to believe that there is a higher power that can restore their sanity

The alcoholic must accept that they cannot fight alcoholism by themselves. You must believe and accept that there is a higher power other than you that can help you.

3. They must decide to leave everything to the will of the higher power and leave their lives in His care.

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Everyone has a unique understanding of religion. As such, the alcoholic will put his life in higher power he trusts. Religion is different for everyone and everyone has their own understanding of the same. From your understanding, you must put your life in the higher power you believe in.

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4. Search yourself and make a moral inventory

You need to critique yourself from a moral standpoint and give an accurate account without being biased.

5. Confess your wrongs to the Higher Being and to the person responsible for you.

After doing some soul-searching, you need to confess your wrongs to your higher power and to the person responsible for you. In most cases, this person is your sponsor and is in charge of keeping you in check.

6. Believe that the Higher power can remove all the defective character.

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You must believe that the Greater Being can absolve you of your sins and help you become a better person.

7. Ask that your shortcoming can be removed.

After believing you can be absolved of your sins, you need to ask that for help to overcome alcoholism.

8. Make a list of the people you wronged and try to make things right

You must be willing to reach out to those you wronged and try to make amends.

9. Make amends directly to those you wronged unless it would harm them.

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You need to approach the people you wronged and try to make peace. He could have probably stolen from them to buy alcohol. If possible he should make amends to show he is apologetic if it won’t have a harmful effect on the other person.

10. Keep soul-searching and be the first to admit when you are in the wrong.

You must continue your soul searching and be the first to come forward and admit you are wrong. When corrected, you must be willing to change.

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11. Pray and meditate to improve the contact you have with the Higher Being and pray that His will to be done in your life.

You must practice prayer and meditation so as to strengthen the connection with the Greater Being. This will help you in your fight against alcoholism.

12. Be an inspiration to other alcoholics

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After you have succeeded in quitting alcohol, you need to encourage other struggling alcoholics to do the same. You can encourage them to join the Alcoholic Anonymous program.

The 12 step program has helped a lot of alcoholics’ battle alcoholism. Though it is not fool-proof, there are several success stories. Some alcoholics relapse but most of them can still get back on track. The aim of the program is to help a person discover that they can quit and they get rewards for each day that passes without relapsing. When one feels like relapsing, all they need to do is contact their sponsor and get back on track.


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