Cooking Eggs + Cable Chest Flyes + Errands + Mongolian Beef + Bicep Workout – He and She Fitness

Cooking Eggs + Cable Chest Flyes + Errands + Mongolian Beef + Bicep Workout

Saturday edition of Rachael and Derek’s “day in the life” featuring cooking eggs for Rachael, cable chest fly workout, running errands, making Mongolian Beef together, and a cable bicep workout! RECIPE BELOW: Famous Mongolian Beef Recipe: ½ head of garlic, chopped ¼ cup white cooking wine ½ pound sirloin tip, sliced thin 1 egg white […]

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4 Ways to Connect with Your Baby

how to connect with your baby

While being connected with your baby after he or she finally comes to this world is something that naturally happens that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work at it as your little one grows up. Babies are incredibly sensitive to everything going on around them, which is why you should always strive to surround them […]

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Fit in Four Weeks

Fit in Four Weeks woman standing

Image source Do you have a big event coming up next month Do you want to look great and feel confident baring your body on the beach when summer finally shows its face? Good news – it is perfectly possible to tone up and really improve your body in as little as four weeks. However, […]

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Why Your Workout Gear Matters

Workout Gear Matters woman stretching

Image Source When you join a gym for the first time, you’re told about the importance of loose, comfortable clothing. When you buy your running shoes, a store assistant asks you to make sure they fit snugly and don’t squeeze anything. You’re not just being given fashion advice; the clothes you wear for working out […]

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