Pico Laser Singapore – Comparison and Benefits over Q-switch Lasers

Q-switch Lasers

Pico laser is a device that is used pulses for removing imperfections on the skin. It’s a popular laser treatment for pigmentation and tattoos. The device can be used successfully for acne scars and wrinkles. The Pico laser delivers laser energy below the surface of the skin and breaks up melisma pigmentation. That’s more safely compared to the traditional lasers that use heat energy to treat areas of darker pigmentation and it can damage the epidermis.

The difference between Picosecond laser and traditional Q-switched laser

Q-switch lasers have been used since 1962 to remove tattoos. The traditional Q-switch laser fires in nanoseconds that is one-billionth of a second. It’s normally a short time, but a significant amount of heat can be generated. The Q-switched laser can’t be used to any skin types, because the heat can cause a burn.

Picosecond lasers have a very specific quality that the patients need to have for a safe laser tattoo removal. The Pico laser fires very rapidly as to not transfer too much heat to the tissue and to the tattoo ink itself. It fires in picoseconds which is one-trillionth of a second. Picosecond lasers are photoacoustic which means it fragments the tattoo’s ink in very small particles. The picosecond laser shatters much more like a fine chisel making finer dust of the ink particles. It’s easier for the immune cell to carry that dust away. The conclusion is that the Pico laser is more effective at removing tattoos than the Q-switched.

Some of the most popular brands of Picosecond lasers used in Singapore’s premiere aesthetic clinics like Cambridge Medical are PicoSure, PicoPLus, PicoWay, and Discover Pico.

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Picosure is an acoustic type laser, it’s not a heat-based laser. It means the lasers break off pigment induces collagen mechanically rather than thermally as it doesn’t burn through the skin. PicoSure was improved by the FDA for the treatment of tattoos and pigmentation. It can works at three wavelengths: 532 nm, 755 nm, and 1064 nm. Thanks to this the lasers can treat all colors and skin types. The wavelength 532 has a very good absorption in melanin. It means it’s very efficient pigment absorption and also has high absorption in the hemoglobin, and oxygen. The wavelength can be really effective for warm-toned colors such as red, violet, yellow, brown, and so on. The 755 nm wavelength is important because it has good pigment clearance. The good thing is that it’s not aggressive for the blood vessels so there is less damage for the skin. The 755 nm wavelength is appropriate for treating dark colors such as green, black and blue. The most commonly used wavelength is 1064 nm because it is perfect for removing dark or black tattoos.darmowe gry jednoręki bandyta


Few different things set a PicoWay laser apart. One of them is that it uses sound waves not heat. It uses sound waves that shatter the pigment or the color that is safe on all skin types. It can remove all different tattoo colors thanks to three wavelengths. It can work at 1064 nm wavelength and 532 nm. The 1064 nm wavelength treats all skin colors, including the darkest skin type. 532 nm wavelength does mainly pigment and brown spots. With PicoWay the clients need fewer treatments in general, and also there is less downtime. It’s because the sound is less damaging than bulk heating. It can successfully treat brown spots, tattoos, sun freckles and so on.

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PicoPlus laser is the latest technology in the field of Q-Switched laser which is already available in the market. It is an NDA device that works with picoseconds rather than nanoseconds. Picosecond means that you shatter the pigment into much smaller particles and the elimination is much quicker so they rather than needing maybe eight to ten to twelve treatments to treat melisma successfully we are now looking at four to six treatments. The clients don’t need as many treatments. That’s more recommend for melisma and pigmentation, acne, rejuvenation.


Discovery Pico

Discovery Pico laser really made all the other laser tattoo removal devices out there obsolete. The reason being is that essentially this device has three different lasers in one. It uses three different wavelengths to remove tattoos of all different colors which means any color. The other nice thing about the discovery is that the doctors can treat safely all skin types with this laser with a minimum of side-effects.

Benefits of using Pico Laser

  • A single treatment can result in the removal of 80-100 % of an individual brown spot;
  • It stimulates the skin’s collagen to boost production level and firmness;
  • The laser reduces unwanted pigmentation and increases collagen and elastin;
  • The procedure is 100 % safe for the skin;
  • There are visible results in 3 to 4 weeks.

Pico Laser is effective to treat hyperpigmentation, age spots, unwanted spots, sun freckles, and acne scars.

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