6 Ways to Fortify Your Health for the Worsening Pandemic

Fortify Your Health for the Worsening Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is on everyone’s minds as we all practice social isolation. The spread of this virus has been unprecedented, and many people are at risk for developing complications. But when your immune system is strong, chances are good that you’ll experience mild symptoms if you do get the Coronavirus.  We’re all following CDC […]

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7 Common Relapse Triggers In Addiction Recovery

Relapse triggers

Most people who have decided to overcome their drug addiction or drinking problems may try and fail a few times before achieving their complete recovery from their addiction habits. Some studies found that 90% of recovering drug addicts and alcoholics will go through at least one relapse. And others put that number very close to […]

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How Menopause Twists The Emotional Equilibrium?

As you go through menopause, it is normal for your body to experience sudden changes, be it physiological or psychological.  Crazy mood swings are part of menopause. It is a normal and natural transition of a woman’s life as your body stops producing primary female sex hormone, estrogen. You are highly likely to not conceive […]

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