How to Become a Gold Coast Podiatrist

Gold Coast Podiatrist

A podiatrist is going to be what is known as a DPM, or a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine.  They are more commonly referred to as a podiatric physician, or even a podiatric surgeon, which will be qualified by the amount of training and education that they have received in order to diagnose and then treat the different conditions that are going to affect your ankle, foot, and just about anything that is related to your lower leg.  

In terms of treating their patients, a podiatrist is going to be an expert at what is known as the lower extremity of your body.  They are very uniquely qualified among other medical professionals to treat all of the different conditions and causes of lower extremity problems.  This is going to be based off of the training, educations and even the expertise of the particular podiatrist.

When it comes to a Gold Coast podiatrist, they are going to essentially be an expert in the diagnosis, prevention, and even the treatment of diseases, injuries, and extremity disorders that are affecting your lower leg and foot.  While there are going to be many doctors that will work as a team to try and figure out what the cause of the problem is and how to treat it, a podiatrist is not going to be one of them.  

This is because a podiatrist is going to work independently, making use of x-rays and other types of laboratory tests to help diagnose your condition, as well as prescribe any medications that you may require, set fractures, and even perform surgery if it is required.  While they normally work alone, DPMs will be part of a healthcare team to help treat and control certain diseases.

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Becoming a Podiatrist

If you are interested in becoming a gold coast podiatrist, you will first need to make sure that you go to a podiatric medical school, which is going to take you roughly 4 years to complete.  Once you have completed your basic education, you will then be required to participate in some type of residency training. This is going to take you a minimum of two years (potentially much longer), depending upon the state that you have your education in and are doing you residency in.  

It is going to be this residency training that will provide you with all of the surgical and medical experiences that you need in order to become a successful podiatrist.  Most residencies are going to be 36-month long ones and will include especial training in the rear foot and the different types of ankle surgery.

After you have completed your residency, you will then need to take the board certifications and get your podiatrist license.  After you have completed these tasks, you will then be able to get your first job working as a podiatrist. In case you are wondering how much a podiatrist can make per year,  the average salary of a podiatrist is around $180,000 per year, this being dependent upon how much experience you have and whether or not you own your own practice.


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