Netball vs Basketball: Which One is For You?

Netball vs Basketball teammates Netball and basketball are two of the most popular recreational sports. If you’re thinking of starting to play a new sport both could make fantastic options whether you’re at university or just looking for something new to try. You may have played both at school but you might not remember the rules or […]

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Swim Your Way to Being Fit

swim fitness man ripped body getting out of the water

When you’re planning your New Year’s exercise routine, swimming probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But, it’s actually preferable to all those hours spent at the gym. It affects more muscle groups at once and it’s far less repetitive, and therefore much more fun. It’s also an exercise from which both experts […]

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A Guide for Winter Night Runners

running along railroad tracks

When frosty days come, people tend to slow down or put a full stop to their exercising efforts. We’ve all been there – the coldness bothers you, your blanket becomes your best friend, and leaving your bed every morning seems to be mission impossible. However, you have to realize that obstacles should be overcome if […]

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Health Benefit of Jumping

benefits of jumping

Did you know that jumping is that much beneficial to your health? Perhaps, NOT! In fact, most of us are not aware about     myriad health benefits delivered by that simple act an act. Yes, jumping brings a whole host of health benefits to the body. It’s thrice as much beneficial as either jogging or running […]

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