What Is CrossFit?

What Is CrossFit?

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CrossFit is the new fitness trend everyone is talking about. You may have seen it advertised at your local gym. A friend may have spoken to you about it. But what actually is it?

Made up of various high-intensity exercises, CrossFit is simply speaking the ‘Sport of fitness’, designed to encourage physical wellbeing and cardiovascular fitness in a team environment. It’s appropriate for participants of all kinds whether you’re just getting into weight lifting, are trying to lose weight, are a former athlete or are simply looking to make new friends. Its exercises cater for all kinds of goals from bulking up to slimming down, although those that want to really focus their training on one particular exercise or train alone may not enjoy it. Due to its intensity, those with heart conditions may also be advised not to take it up.

You’ll find classes all across the world. There are specific gyms set up for CrossFit, and regular gyms that may hold classes once or twice a week. CrossFit isn’t something you can really do at home as it requires a lot of motivation and competition, which you only get from working with a coach and lots of other people.

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Some people have taken CrossFit to the next level, by hosting and taking part in competitions. Along with specialist gyms being set up for the sport, there’s also a lot of specialist equipment out there from wrist-straps to CrossFit trainers as found at sites such as http://www.sportzbits.com/best-crossfit-shoes/. If you’re looking for a new passion and not simply a hobby, CrossFit could be it.

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The sport has its pros and cons. Those looking for a community feel will love the sport as it’s all about working with people. This can help motivate you further and spur you on to not miss a session. It also introduces a lot of people, especially women, to weightlifting, which can be difficult to specialise in without support. It’s suitable for those of all ages – if you previously competed in sport but are now too old and miss that sense of competition and drive, CrossFit can fill that gap. You can also try the best crossfit gloves if you are looking for added hand support and protection during your sessions. Also, choosing the best crossfit gloves will aid you in your training.

The cons are that it’s not cheap. Those looking to stay active on the cheap might find it a little too expensive to keep up, although like a gym membership, it may spur you to keep going. People that like their routine in exercise also may not enjoy it as the coach is always experimenting with different exercises from session to session, not allowing you to specify on any individual exercise. CrossFit can also put a strain on your body and be dangerous if you have a bad coach. Almost every exercise is aimed at doing as many reps as possible or at doing an exercise for as long a period of time as possible – if you’re doing that exercise wrong you could harm yourself.

So there you have it – now you know what CrossFit is! Those that are curious, can use sites such as http://crossfitlondonuk.com/2012/03/17/finding-crossfit-gyms-boxes-or-affiliates-in-the-united-kingdom/ to find their nearest CrossFit class. Part of the appeal of CrossFit is that it’s so diverse and unpredictable in that one coach’s methods may differ entirely from another, so feel free to try different classes if one doesn’t seem right for you.

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