Full Body Workout Tips For A Toned Physique

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Whether you’re a keen gym-goer or someone who just exercises as and when they can, chances are you’ve heard some gym-lingo along the way. We often hear people talking about what part of their body they are training on a particular day – for example, Thursday may be ‘leg day’ while Saturday is reserved for training their back. But do you need to subscribe to this to get the results you want in the gym? Well, if you’re trying to improve a very specific part of your body, then yes, potentially. But if you are not too bothered about that and just want to improve your overall fitness level, then a full-body workout may be the better option for you. Knowing where to start as  a novice, however, can be a little difficult. Our bodies are made up of lots of different muscles, and not everyone knows how to safely work out so that you lose fat and tone up at the same time. To make things a little easier, here are a few workouts that are designed to work your full body, bringing you one step closer to your goals.


Don’t have a lake nearby you can hop in a boat on? Don’t worry – very few of us do! That’s why rowing machines were invented and now take pride of place at gyms across the world. The act of rowing is great for cardio and for training many muscle groups. In fact, the legs, the core, the arms and the back all get tested while you are rowing, whether in a real boat or on a stationary machine. Visit a site such as https://bodygearguide.com/best-rowing-machine-reviews/ to find a machine that you could potentially have in your own home. Even just ten minutes a day on your rowing machine can make a huge difference to your physique.

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HIIT routines

If time is of the essence, there really isn’t a better option for a quick workout than an HIIT routine. It is predominantly cardio for rapid weight-loss, but add a couple of dumbbells to the routine, and it can also act as a great toning workout too. There are plenty of guided ones online, and you don’t need to take longer than ten minutes or so on a specific routine. Be warned, though: they may be short, but you’ll certainly work up quite the sweat!

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When we think about burning fat and toning up, most of us think about high intensity, brutal workouts that leave us drenched in sweat and panting for our lives. But in reality, you don’t have to do this every single time just to get results. It can leave you far too worn out, as well! Try mixing up your fitness regime with the odd bit of pilates. It is a lot more relaxing than a HIIT workout or a typical gym session, but it still lets you practice training your core strength and can give you some great results in terms of toning.

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