Top Sports To Get You In Shape

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Different people have different methods to get into shape. Why? Well, it’s because everyone is unique, and certain techniques suit particular people. The gym, for example, can be intimidating and costly, two reasons not to pay for a monthly membership. However, you might find sports fun and enjoyable. Still, fun and enjoyment aren’t the only relevant features as fitness is essential. After all, you don’t just want to have fun – you want to get healthier. With that in mind, here are the sports that are awesome for fitness.


Sorry to all the soccer enthusiasts reading this, but that’s the international name! Regardless of what people call it, the health benefits are the same as the game doesn’t change. Whether you play in America or Europe, you will experience 90 mins of constant exercise interspersed with sprinting. The result is a killer workout for the cardiovascular system, as well as body fat. Plus, the muscles in the legs and abdominals also get a thorough training. If 90 minutes sounds like a slog, try the five-a-side version which is as intense but only lasts half an hour.


Have you ever been to the gym and seen two people throwing themselves around a squash court? It doesn’t seem much fun from the bleachers, right? The weird thing is it’s awesome fun when you get on the court. The reasons are that it’s insanely competitive and addictive. Then, there is the dynamics of getting on the front foot and finding the best position. All the while, the body is working overtime as it tries to keep up with the intensity for forty minutes. Squash, quite simply, is forty minutes of sprinting, and that’s an unbelievable way to get fit.

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Water Polo

Don’t worry; you don’t need to learn to ride a horse underwater! No, water polo isn’t the same as polo, which is dominated by equines, as it takes place in the water. So, instead of letting the horse do all the work, you have to bear the brunt of the pain. Oh, and you better believe there is a lot of pain. Because your feet can’t touch the floor, there is no way to take a rest. For the duration of the game, you have to swim, tread water, and attack and defend like a mad person. Plus, it’s a dirty sport, so you also have to fend off kicks, elbows, and punches!

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Mountain Biking

Cycling is a very popular sport nowadays as most people think it’s the healthiest sport. They are correct in a way, but only if they are talking about mountain biking. Cycling through trails and up hardcore inclines is insane, but it also pushes the body to the limits. For obvious reasons, you’ll need to find the best mountain bikes compared on the market because the bike makes a huge difference. Once you have it, there isn’t a trail you won’t be able to traverse.

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Finally, let’s shout out swimming. For years, everyone has known about the fitness qualities of swimming, and that’s still the case today.

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