Top 5 Running Sneakers

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The choice of the right running shoes is the main aspect for people looking after health. We present 5 the best models of sneakers. More sneaker reviews.

1. The version Brooks Ghost 9 renewals are focused on the improvement of a design of the upper part construction and fit on the feet. In addition, present sneakers are characterized by soft but hereby well-balanced ride which allows rolling over heel-to-toe. These peculiarities make the model a good variant of universal footwear for basic kinds of running activities, as described further at, including longtime intensive training and scamper at a modest pace.

Though it is not the lightest sneakers in its class, but they will hit the taste of many runners, even rather demanding ones; the model is a good choice for preparations to the marathon or semi-marathon. ( ghost 9 running

2. The pads Zoom Air amortizing opportunity is well-known, they give the responsiveness to the midsole, which is very difficult to provide with a usual foam EVA. The new model of Nike Pegasus 33 the pad Zoom Air was added to the toe part that makes it more responsive in comparison with the preceding models. The upper part mesh is designed with the application of a zero seam technology and consists of the fibers of different netting density rate for the better breathability of the definite areas of the shoes. The middle part of the foot is firmly fixed inside through the fibers Flywire and special hosiery construction.

This pair of sneakers will be loved by the runners who prefer using one model of sneakers for all the kinds of exercises. (

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nike zoom air running

3. The waterproof peculiarities of membrane Flexshell, which was made the upper part of the sneakers Saucony Xodus ISO Flexshell from, allows running on the muggy and muddy areas of the off-the-road. The patented design of sole protector PWRTrac guarantees the supreme coupling and draught on the poachy surface. A new construction of upper partISOFit provides the sneakers with a property of rapid adaptation to the shape of a foot. The midsole material Everun guarantees perfect shock load absorption and energy comeback at every step. And the 4 mm heel-toe difference allows the runners with the various buildups move expeditiously on any off-the-roads surfaces.


saucony zodus iso running

4. Asics GEL SONOMA 2 GTXare designed for the starting runners on the off-the-roads, and also for various open-air activities. The poachy and dirty weather is not a problem through the membrane GORE-TEX integration to the upper part, which creates an effective barrier to the moisture ingress inside the shoes. The traditional lacing and soft pad in the heel area make a firm and comfortable fit for the feet.

Thanks to the sole with a special rubbish protector every step is accompanied by stability and defense.


asics gel sonoma 2 running

5. Due to the relative lightness and high durability, Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX will be interesting for the amateurs of the walks and run on off-the-roads. The construction of present sneakers is combined with the amortization, moisture protection, reliability, and comfort. The model Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX differs with the premium internal comfort and fit, and also the stability on any uneven surface.

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salomon xa pro 3d running

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