The Only 3 Exercises you need to strengthen your Calf muscles

Calf muscles standing raises

Good Health is most important in life and as the saying goes, a healthy mind lives in a sound body.

And good health simply cannot be achieved unless one exercises regularly. Exercising can step up one’s life quality to a great extent.

However, there are many forms of exercises according to individual goals. But any exercise is good as long as you maintain a healthy nutritious diet with an active lifestyle.

In the world of fitness, the importance of leg exercises is really lacking. Even some bodybuilders do not emphasize the importance of legs as compared to other body parts.

And the major part of legs exercises does not focus much on calves (the muscles present on the back side of fibula bone).

Calves are also called the Second Heart Of the body as it pumps the blood back to the heart from the lower limbs.

However, to keep your calves in a good shape, the use of spin bikes for 10-15 minutes a day can do the job. Here are the 3 calf exercises that you need to do to have stronger calve muscles.

 #1 Calf Raises –

The Ultimate classic exercise for toning and strengthening the calf muscles and to start off you need to stand near a wall and balance yourself, try to push up using your toes making sure that the abdominal muscles are engaged and keep the back straight.

Not only this help in the hypertrophy of calf muscles but also adds to the strength of hamstring muscles. This means you get strong legs overall and those shredded calves are too good.

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#2 Cycling- Cycling is the most basic and simple leg exercises which are used to strengthen the calf muscles.

Not only it’s going to help you shed a few calories and it’s super fun to do but also it’ll make your legs strong as steel.

Cycling has always been considered as the most fun workout but today people do not have much time to go out and cycle, so one can use one of the best spin bikes.

It is super convenient, easy at the comfort and affordable. The best thing about having spin bikes is that you can keep it in your house as it’s easy and convenient and wouldn’t take much space.Calf muscles cycling on stationary bike

#3 Squats-

Squats is the father of all exercises. It’s no secret that Squatting is a full body workout but is mainly considered to benefit legs.

It’s one of the most simple exercises which literally be done anywhere. All you need to do is just keep your back straight and keeping your legs little wide, sit down and hold that position for 1-2 Seconds then come up.

By repeating this movement you will develop a pattern of sit and stand. You can add weights by holding dumbbells or a barbell. Start with the lowest weight and increase over the time. You have to keep your arms cross folded and head straight.

The squats cause some soreness in your calf muscles and thighs after some days of the workout. But if you keep practicing this workout, you’ll no longer feel sore, and train your muscles to be fit.

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Calf muscles squats without weight
Over to you

I hope you like this article. These exercises will definitely step up your leg game.

Remember exercise is all about consistency. You gotta be regular if you want results so don’t rush, take it slow and easy and make sure you don’t get injured by doing more than your body allows.

Doing some stretches and workouts daily, helps keep your body in shape.

These are some of the best calf workouts you can try at your home or the gym. When you do these 3 workouts properly, it’ll strengthen your calves and quadriceps greatly.

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