One Foot In Front Of The Other And More Great Running Tips

great running and runner tips

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Okay, so you know how to physically run. We’re not going to assume otherwise. But running seriously as an exercise takes a bit more preparation. It’s more mentally and physically taxing than some beginners imagine which leads to a lot of people dropping out soon after they get started. We’re not going to accept that. We’re going to get you prepared for the road ahead.

Motivation is your path ahead

Being motivated is essential to running. For one, running can be somewhat boring if you have none. Your will can slip and you can easily stop giving it as much effort because of this. But motivation is important to get you pushing your boundaries as well. There are a lot of methods to motivate yourself on a run. There’s scientific proof that choosing prettier scenery to run through, listening to music and even bringing a friend can make it easier to see better results.

Invest in some gear

Running is also physically uncomfortable. We’re not just talking about feeling the burn, but it can leave you all kinds of chafed if you’re not careful. You might think that some running gear looks a little silly, but if you don’t want feet that are constantly aching and thighs that are constantly burning, then you should get with the program. Good shoes are only one of the essentials. Synthetic fabrics in your tops and bottoms are just as important. Organic materials like cotton can stick to you too much which increases the friction meaning you’ll be feeling the burn a lot more than you would like.

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Fuel those legs

If you’re expecting that eating less is enough to help you see the results of cardio, you are dead wrong. You need to make sure you’re properly fueling yourself to get out there. Whole grains and other quality carbs are essential for keeping your energy up while you run. Supplements for runners can be a great help in improving your endurance and helping you avoid some common problems with running like gastric distress as well. Most important of all is dehydration. Fainting and suffering from heat stroke are both very real risks if you’re running without any water at hand.

Join the digital revolution

An important part of running as an exercise is seeing progress. Nowadays, there are tons of ways to help make that progress a lot clearer. Wearable technology like FitBit might be the most effective and convenient options, but mobile apps work just as well. Besides giving you the skinny on speed, distance, calories burnt and more, they can help you find and select routes that give you a different kind of workout and track you over long periods of time. Motivation, as we said, is essential, and progress is essential to motivation too.

Mentally, emotionally, and physically, you can make running a lot easier on yourself. However, this is a workout so don’t expect to be easy. Equip yourself with the tools that can get you pushing yourself but expect to actually push yourself. Otherwise, you won’t last more than a few steps.

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