Top five places of the world for cycling

cycling on mountain road

Who doesn’t love to discover the new places. There are millions people who are addicted to it and of course I am not different from them. But I like to discover the things in differently, I mean I am not only about to discover the amazing places for touring, but also I like to discover the amazing streets and off road trails for cycling. As a guy addicted in cycling I am looking for these kind of places from a side. So if you also are addicted to cycling like me, you can also wish to take a ride on these places. So let’s go for what these places actually are.

Tasmania, Australia

This ample and smooth road of the Tasmania should be very comfortable for road biking where an endless view of the sea can impress any tourist. This beautiful location in the south Melbourne can be great campsite where you can also set up the tents for spending some quality times. You can enjoy such an extreme view during long miles of ride and undoubtedly this is one of the breathtaking place of the world.

Minneapolis, US

If you ever wish to commute around the major cities of US, then you may know well than me about Minneapolis. But don’t intend to skip the name of this city because of the low temperature in winter. Actually the lowest temperature of the winter can’t stop the large number of commuters of the city. The long miles of bikeways and rider friendly streets can give you one of the smoothest riding feeling ever.

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cycling along city park lake

Boulder, Colorado in Us

Another greatest place in US for cycling… but not for commuting. This very natural place in US can be a paradise for off road bikers. So of course you have to grab a mountain bike to ride successfully over the gravel and rocks. It includes hundred miles of path for off road cyclists  and you can easily rent a bike to discover such an attractive place where is located miles of greeny routes.

cycling along mountain ridge

Molesworth Road, New Zealand

Many of the cyclists have a dream to ride on this picturesque trail that includes the amazing natural beauty. The roads are gravel stretched and would have some bumps. So must grab a mountain bike to enjoy this natural beauty. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to take ride on that trail, because you would have to spend at least 3 days to complete the journey. So make a group before going for your desirable journey on this trail.

cycling across the desert plains

Dolomites, Italy
The picture may tell how beauty the Dolomite is. Riding in Dolomite would be the best experience ever in your life. The very neat roads with amazing natural beauty just take your attention into the nature while cycling on hills to hills on a neat road like a dream for every rider. The local cafes around the Dolomite also can give you a great time on every break of riding.

cycling on bike path in the mountains

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