3 Sleeping Position To Get Periods Early!

sleeping position to get periods early

To all the ladies out there, you might have wanted to know the best position to ease menstrual cramps. There are multiple answers to that online. But did you know that if your menstrual cycle is not on time, there are specific sleeping position to get periods early? That’s correct. For those moments when you are in the typical ‘have you got it, no you still haven’t scenario’ – these sleeping positions can assist you in getting your periods on time. 

This post will elaborate on the correct sleeping positions and factors that affect your periods. That’s not all! We will update you on some tips for getting periods on time. Let us explore the specifics –  

Best sleeping position to get periods early

Though it might seem weird how sleeping positions can affect your periods – but during the time that your ‘periods’ are near, you can pick up any of these positions and give them a try – 

1. The Fetal Position 

fetal position of sleeping for periods
Image Credit: Rise Science

This is the first of the sleeping position to get periods early; you cannot miss out! In this case, roll onto the side you are comfortable with. After that, tuck in your arms and legs like a little child. It is as if you have to cuddle up, just like a fetus sleeps in the womb. To ease the process, ensure that you use a pillow below your knees. This helps ease the pressure on your abdomen and, therefore, assists in getting your periods earlier. 

2. Sleeping on your stomach 

Sleeping on your stomach for early periods
Image Credit: Glamour

You may have read from multiple sources that sleeping on your stomach is incorrect and unhealthy. However, if you are looking to get your periods early, this is the position to choose! This sleeping position puts pressure on your pelvis and uterus – and stimulates the blood flow to these areas. Additionally, this also assists in managing the hormonal balance in the body, which regulates your periods to a great extent. 

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3. Sleeping on your side 

Sleeping on your side during periods
Image Credit: Be Bodywise

Many people prefer to sleep on their left side. After all, the comfort level is different, and it takes the pressure off your abdomen. But there’s another advantage to it – this sleeping position stimulates uterine contractions that help in getting your periods sooner. So, you can try this sleeping position to get periods early.

Pick out any of the sleeping positions, and you will assuredly get your periods early. 

Factors that affect your menstrual cycle 

no junk food during periods
Image Credit: Depositphotos

You have now figured out some of the best sleeping position to get periods early. However, the critical question remains, what are those factors that are affecting your menstrual cycle? Let us point out the mistakes you are making –

  • If you are not regulating your diet and your stress levels. Eating junk food constantly with zero nutritional value affects your menstrual cycle. At the same time, excessive stress also endangers your hormonal balance, resulting in a disrupted period cycle. 
  • Are you smoking or drinking too much? That is another reason causing the menstrual issues. Try to quit smoking and tone down your alcohol levels. 
  • For those ladies who are on birth control pills or have medical issues like PCOS – they have problems with their periods. From excessive pain to missing periods – there are multiple issues to deal with. 
  • Most ladies do not have an exercise schedule, which categorically affects their periods. 
  • Lastly, if you are suffering from iron or Vitamin D deficiency, in that case also your periods will be affected. 
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These are some of the critical factors that are affecting your periods. Try to eat a healthy and nutritious diet and follow a schedule – from exercise routine to proper sleep format. 

Methods to induce periods quickly 

Image Credit: Swimming.org

We have gone through that period when the dates are near, and you feel swollen – but it is still not there! In such cases, apart from trying out the range of sleeping position to get periods early, here are some other hacks. They are – 

  • Include jaggery, parsley, and papaya in your diet. 
  • Try out any of the following exercises – from swimming to cycling to running and cardio. They alter the hormonal imbalance and help induce periods faster. 
  • Go in for warm baths, especially with Himalayan pink salt. They are naturally healing and assist your body in reaching the correct hormonal balance. 


Though many call it a myth, research about sleeping position to get periods early is still underway. Multiple anecdotes suggest that they have worked miracles for the concerned individual. Hence, if you are reading this, the next time you are in that ‘dicey’ situation – it is best if you try out any of these positions. Additionally, maintain a sleep schedule and manage your diet. This will help your body to monitor the menstrual cycle, and also strengthen it from within. If you liked this post and want more of such exciting medical pieces of info – keep visiting this website. 


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