Do you know frail fingernail Vitamin D deficiency is connected?

You had a lovely manicure session, and the edges of your nails looked pristine white. Alas! Only for a couple of hours though. Once you are back home, they simply crack, ruining the whole look. You might be looking up ways to fix it, or reasons for this sudden dryness and that has led you to this page that details the connection between fingernail Vitamin D deficiency. Surprised? Did you not think that the casually taken ‘sunshine Vitamin’ had such importance? We will update you with the details.

As you scroll down this content, you will get to know how fingernail health is connected to disruptions in Vitamin D levels, what are the basic symptoms, how to maintain your nails, and what foods you must have to improve your Vitamin D levels. Here’s presenting the details –

What is the connection between fingernail Vitamin D deficiency?

For starters, you have to understand your nails are the doorway to good health. If there is some underlying medical condition, the sudden breakage or dryness of your nails will reveal the same. This article will specify the connection between fingernail Vitamin D deficiency –

Your nails are made of keratin, an insoluble protein found in your epidermal tissues such as nails, skin, and hair (all those keratin hair treatments now make sense). Keratin is essential for strong nail growth and you must know that with age, its content in the body starts decreasing.

fingernail Vitamin D deficiency

This, therefore – has to be balanced with time either by direct keratin or Vitamin D supplements. This is because – the content of Vitamin D in the body regulates and balances the level of keratinization in the body. Since it regulates the growth of keratinocytes (the most common of the skin cells) therefore – keratin synthesis is dependent on Vitamin D. For the record – Vitamin A and its metabolites also have a role to play in the healthy growth of nails.

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We assume you have a basic idea about how fingernail Vitamin D deficiency is connected. Having said that, you may ask a simple question, what are the symptoms? How do you categorically state that the lack of Vitamin D is the cause behind this medical issue? Let’s discuss the same –

What symptoms do you see?

Though nails that you see are actually dead cells, you do need the correct nutrition to grow them. With age, they become brittle and lose their natural sheen, and have vertical or horizontal ridges.

However, when you see that you have brittle and peeling nails or nails with vertical ridges that are not natural or in tandem with your age, you might be deficient in Vitamin D.

1. Are your nails peeling?

It is a case of Vitamin D deficiency. It is important that you know Vitamin D regulates the level of phosphorus and calcium in your body. With it dropping, the calcium and phosphorus content of the body (which was initially regulated by Vitamin D, ingested, and benefitted the body) will now be excreted without absorption. This directly leads to the peeling of the nails.

2. Do you have cracked nails?

Blame it on the Vitamin D deficiency of your body. They being brittle in nature (if you do not have any other underlying condition) is directly related to the reduction of Vitamin D in your body.

fingernail Vitamin D deficiency

3. Do you have nail pitting issues?

No, it is not similar to the white dots you have on your nails. These are pinhead dents or dimples that occur on your nails. Mostly it is due to an allergic reaction or perhaps an immune-related issue. A lack of Vitamin D content in the body exacerbates this condition.

#Though there is a fingernail Vitamin D deficiency connection, however, you may have peeling nails due to – overexposure to cleaning chemicals, medication such as isoniazid and phenobarbital, as well as some kidney, liver, or fungal issues.

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What foods will enhance Vitamin D levels?

Now that you know the connection between fingernail Vitamin D deficiency and how beneficial this vitamin is for hair and bones, here is a list of foods you must include in your diet to enhance the levels.

  • Fishes like herring, salmon, tuna, and sardines
  • Cod liver oil, raw oysters, egg yolks, mushrooms, and tofu
  • Vitamin D-fortified products such as – cow milk, unsweetened almond milk, soya milk, and orange juice
  • Fruits such as grapefruit and oranges are also recommended

It is advised medically to consume this on a regular basis along with half an hour of sunshine exposure to maintain Vitamin D levels.

How to maintain your nails?

As mentioned before, you will have to eat a balanced meal to maintain your nails. Apart from that –

  • If you have a habit of changing your nail paints, then reduce it. You must not use too much nail remover. If at all you have to – go with acetone-free removers.
  • Do use hand lotion on your nails. Contrary to popular thought, this is helpful.
  • Keep them dry. If you are handling too many chemical products, beauty experts suggest you use a glove.
  • Moisturize your nails with cuticle oil solution once a week. It prohibits nails from drying out and hardens them in the long run.

taking care of nails

When you follow these procedures after regulating your diet, you will find that the effects on fingernail Vitamin D deficiency will drastically reduce.

Summing up

Assuming that you have now gained a clear idea about the fingernail Vitamin D deficiency connection, it is crucial that you do the needful. Also, if you have some tricks up your sleeve, do share them with us. Keep following this page for more health and beauty-related information.

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