Top 10 Rewards of Swimming You Probably Didn’t Know

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While any type of physical activity is good for your health, swimming is a workout which is better than most. The benefits of swimming still outweigh the rewards of other types of physical exercises. Whether you are training in an open water or in a pool you’ll not only get fit but also stay fit with swimming. Here are the top 10 benefits of swimming.

  1. Reduced stress

While stress can wreck havoc in your body and mind, surveys have shown that swimming can help you lower your stress levels. It will help you relax, unwind, and feel refreshed. So, get into that pool of water and do few a laps if you are feeling stressed.

  1. Weight management

As compared to other exercises, swimming can help you burn calories and manage your weight. With 30 minutes of swimming, you will burn up to 300 calories while circling in that same time will only burn you 240 calories.

  1. Swimming improves social well-being

As a social sport, swimmers can train together, take classes together, or train with a coach in a pool. Even if you own a pool at home you can get your family and friends and have a nice time together. According to research, socializing and exercising together can lead to improved mental health.

  1. Swimming build up bone mass

Swimming can help you gain muscle strength throughout your body. While runners build muscles in their legs swimmers use more muscle groups to make laps through the water. It’s, therefore, one of the best aerobic exercises to give your body a full workout.

  1. Swimming leads to an increased flexibility
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Anytime you are swimming you must stretch, twist, and pull your body through the water. These repeated stretches can make your body very flexible.

  1. Low impact

When you are swimming your body is buoyant. This low impact kind of exercise is a great way for those with joint, bone, and muscle problems to exercise with less strain. They will not only avoid a lot of strain but also stay in shape.

  1. Swimming reduces inflammation

According to studies, aerobic activities such as swimming usually reduces inflammation that leads to atherosclerosis thereby leading to lessened disease progression in many parts of the body.

  1. Swimming can improve exercise-induced asthma

Nothing is as bad as trying to work out without getting your breath. Unlike exercising in the gym, swimming allows you to breathe moist air. This can help you alleviate asthma and improve the overall health of your lungs.

  1. Swimming helps with endurance

If you want to improve your endurance then swimming is a great way to do this. The longer you swim the more your body will learn to tolerate hard workouts. Doing this is very important especially if you are preparing for a competition.

  1. Swimming helps to lower your blood pressure

This is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of swimming. If you swim 3 times a week for 30 minutes, you will be able to lower your blood pressure and rest your heart well. When you do this you will also lower your risk of disability, stroke, kidney disease, aneurysm, and heart disease significantly. It can actually prolong your life.

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Well, those are the top 10 benefits of swimming. It’s never too late to start this. Just jump in and start swimming since your health, life, and well-being depends on it. To ensure that your swimming pool remains clean, get the best robotic pool cleaner.

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