6 Impressive Health Benefits of Ginseng

Benefits of Ginseng

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Almost all of us will try anything which will make us feel better, happier and healthier. Especially if it is something that we can grow in our gardens. So how about ginseng, the herb can help you live a happier and healthier lifestyle. This Chinese herb, which has been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years, has the ability to reduce stress, prevent aging, help weight loss and many other things! Here, we take a look at some of its most impressive qualities.

Relieve Stress

Ginseng affects your body’s nervous system in various ways, including being able to stimulate your metabolism and boost energy levels. Both of these effects can help to reduce stress and anxiety within the body. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, the adaptogens found within ginseng have been shown to alter the hormonal levels of the body, which can also help to lower stress hormone levels and achieve a better balance of mood all over.

Skin Health

By stimulating blood flow throughout the body, in particular to the skin cells, ginseng is able to keep the skin looking young and hydrated. This means that the herb has anti-aging properties, but can also detoxify the skin and boost the immune response in the body’s largest organ.

Weight Loss

Almost everyone would like a natural aid in keeping the weight off, and this one can be almost free if you learn how to grow ginseng at home. The powerful combination of chemicals found in ginseng have a wide range of effects and can suppress the appetite. When dried or powdered ginseng is consumed, it can quickly suppress the “hunger hormones” from triggering any cravings, therefore helping people in their weight loss efforts. If you are a serial snacker, then ginseng is the herb for you!

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Prevents premature ageing

All over the world, ginseng is valued for its ability to reduce the signs of aging. First of all, it is used as an antioxidant, which can prevent the negative effects of free radicals throughout the body. Antioxidants like those found within ginseng are said to help prevent chronic diseases like heart disease, as well as certain types of cancer.

Brain power

Everyone from students to the elderly have turned to ginseng for its cognitive abilities. Consuming it can not only stimulate your brain to focus and concentrate but can also encourage neural activity that can be difficult to achieve when you reach your senior years. The activity of antioxidants which engage in the brain prevent the accumulation of free radicals, effectively preventing the onset of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive disorders.

Menstrual Discomfort

Can I get a hallelujah? There is something out there for us, ladies! If you’re anything like me, you’ll try anything to make things easier each month. As a soothing and anti-inflammatory substance, ginseng is often prescribed for women suffering from extreme menstrual discomfort and cramps. It can also help to reduce the mood swings commonly associated with menstruation as well as during the menopause in middle-aged women.

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