How To Remove Mucus From Lungs Naturally In 7 Ways?

how to remove mucus from lungs

Do you know that an untreated consistent mucus build-up in your lungs, alternatively known as phlegm, could result in long-term health issues such as – pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and even bronchiectasis? The thick and sticky secretion, if allowed to build up over time, could constrict the air passage and make it difficult for you to breathe. Hence, it is time you get to know how to remove mucus from lungs naturally and proceed to follow the same.

This article will highlight some of the at-home and alternative formats of medicine that will help you get rid of your sputum naturally. That’s not all! You will also get a glimpse of some of the activities you must pursue to keep this building up at bay. Here’s knowing it all –

Basic symptoms of mucus-filled lungs

how to remove mucus
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If you are not yet aware, then know for a fact that – the body, in order to protect the inner lining of the respiratory tract, creates some mucus with the help of your mucous membrane. This keeps the allergens and microorganisms out of your nose and mouth to protect your body. However, if this mucus becomes comparatively denser and affects the normal breathing process, then it is time to get rid of it.

How to remove mucus from lungs naturally?

Here are some techniques that you can apply to remove mucus naturally –

controlled coughing to remove mucus
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  1. A controlled form of coughing

One of the most-opted at-home techniques – this will help in clearing out the mucus from your lungs. You may already know that coughing is a form of expelling toxins from your body. Well, when you follow the controlled coughing format, you have to –

  • Sit relaxed on a chair with both your feet on the floor.
  • Then you must fold your arms over the stomach and inhale via your nose.
  • Once that is done, push your arms against the stomach and slowly exhale.
  • Keep your mouth a little open and cough forcedly (2-3 times) while exhaling.

Once over, repeat this process again a couple of times to get the best results.

  2. Make use of a humidifier

use humidifier for mucus removal
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A humidifier is a great alternative to ease the congestion in your lungs. Get yourself a cool-mist humidifier, and to enhance the effects add a few drops of essential oil to it.

  3. Steam therapy is a great way out

steam therapy mucus removal
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In case you seek answers from your elders about how to remove mucus from lungs naturally before you move on to checking out other ways, seeking steam therapy will be their patent answer. This opens up the respiratory tract and helps loosen the mucus.

  4. Make use of essential oils

essential oils for mucus removal
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Essential oils like eucalyptus and peppermint oils are natural de-congestors. You will have to start by adding it into the diffuser and breathing it in for 5-10 minutes at a stretch. Take a break and continue for another round.

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  5. Gargle using saline water

gargling with salt water to remove mucus
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Gargling with salt water (due to its anti-bacterial properties) is a great way to thin the mucus levels and thereby get rid of the same within a limited period.

  6. Consume ingredients that promote respiratory health

how to remove mucus from lungs ginger
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Wondering how to remove mucus from lungs naturally by changing your diet? Let’s tell you what to include in your diet that will enhance the sputum removal process from your system.

  • Ginger and Garlic – They both work as anti-bacterial agents and help to prevent the build-up of mucus (and rather kickstart its removal process). Drinking ginger tea and adding garlic to your diet can ease the phlegm built-up in your respiratory system.
  • Cayenne Pepper – For the uninformed, there’s a specific compound called capsaicin that helps to thin down the mucus levels in the lungs, thereby eliminating them.
  • Onion – Apart from helping with fever and sore throat, a cup of onion-soaked water (4 tablespoons daily) is a great way to remove the sputum from your lungs.
  • Pineapple – The juice is packed with enzymes called bromelain and has mucolytic properties that help to eliminate the mucus from your lungs.

Apart from the aforementioned products, you must also include anti-inflammatory foods such as blueberries, broccoli, turmeric, beans and lentils, olives, and turmeric into your diet.

  7. Postural draining of mucus from lungs

postural draining
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Here is another remarkable way how to remove mucus from lungs naturally. In this system, you make use of gravity to remove the mucus in your system, and if practiced judiciously, it is helpful to prevent lung infections in the future.

You will have to –

  • Lie on your back on a flat surface – a hardwood floor is the best option.
  • Now place a pillow or two pillows under your hips. Ensure that your chest is lower than your hip area.
  • Next, follow the 1:2 breathing pattern – implying inhaling from the nose and exhaling from the mouth. The exhale must take twice the time of your inhaling.

Another format you may follow is –

  • Lie on one side while laying your head either on your arm or a pillow.
  • Place another set of pillows under your hips and then practice the previously mentioned 1:2 breathing pattern.
  • Continue it for a couple of minutes and then turn over to another side.

You can do it on your stomach –

  • Start by placing a couple of pillows on the floor, and lie down with your stomach over the pillows.
  • Keep your hips above your chest region and fold your arms under your head to make for support.
  • Now start with the 1:2 breathing pattern and continue it for a couple of minutes.

Other alternative ways to remove mucus

In the above-mentioned segment, you have seen some tricks on how to remove mucus from lungs naturally. Pick up any one or two of them, and supposedly they should (if it is an additional mucus deposition) work. Apart from that, here are some alternative techniques that you can try to ensure that the excess sputum is eliminated from the body –

  • A consistent intake of warm liquids

warm fluids
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This is one of the most opted natural remedies to try out. When you are down with mucus congestion in your lungs, you need to drink warm water, tea (green tea, chamomile tea), hot water with a dash of lemon, and hot soups are of great help to reduce the mucus levels in your lungs.

  • Traditional Chinese medicine

chinese herbs to remove mucus
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Would you believe that Chinese herbs are a great alternative to the traditional format of removing mucus from your lungs? Specific herbs such as – tao ren, mao huang, and huang qin have traditionally helped to reduce the side effects of blocked lungs. That’s not all! For the unversed, you can also try practicing Qigong – a specified breathing exercise that helps clear your lungs of mucus.

  • Honey

honey to remove mucus
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This is another of the alternative ways to remove mucus naturally from your lungs. Technically, there is no direct evidence of honey helping to remove mucus from the respiratory system, but it reduces inflammation and coughing and, therefore, in the long run, helps to heal the system for the better.

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How to prevent mucus build-up in future?

For the unversed, the natural mucus build-up in your lungs will occur, and that is required for the body’s functioning. However, to prevent additional sputum build-up, here are some tips that you may follow –

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  • Everything starts with your diet. To strengthen your immunity, you must increase your intake of Vitamin C along with copious amounts of other vitamins, minerals, nutrients, carbs and protein. If not completely eliminated, try to restrict your consumption of junk food.
hydrated to remove mucus
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  • Staying hydrated is another key to success. It is advised more than often to consume adequate amounts of water and other fluids (fresh fruit juices, warm liquids) to keep your respiratory tract mucus-free.
deep breathing to remove mucus
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  • Follow the deep breathing exercise. Start by breathing in (inhaling) slowly and then breathe out (exhaling). Make sure you hold your breath for some time to allow the lung to expand. This helps you to cough up the sputum and clear your lungs. If practiced regularly, this will reduce the consistency of the mucus.
exercise remove mucus buildup
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  • Lastly – exercises are a must! Your body needs to move to ensure it is functioning properly. Therefore, you must go in for basic exercises regularly and, if time permits – practice yoga (you could also alternate it with your exercise routine).

#Note: There’s a particular exercise that does help in removing the excess mucus from your respiratory system. Stand straight and touch both your toes with the tip of your fingers. From there, you will have to rotate your body – half clockwise and half anti-clockwise.

From the center, first, move your hands in a clockwise manner and then go in for an anti-clockwise format. Want to check how to remove mucus from lungs naturally with exercise?

Repeat this 10-15 times every day and see how the throat clears itself.

Last Thoughts

You must note that it is the body’s natural function to produce mucus to line up the tissues and protect them from potential irritants. However, the problem occurs when the mucus build-up is more than what is deemed essential and rather than protecting your tissue lining, it interferes with your body’s normal breathing.

Over-the-counter medications work, but one must avoid them as much as possible since it has its own set of negatives associated in the long run. Therefore you must be aware of how to remove mucus from lungs naturally and follow the same. If you liked this article and wish to add some more tips, then do reply in the comments section and keep checking this website for more.

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