How does green tea promote weight loss?

Are you tired of all the unsatisfactory results on weight loss? Is going to the gym or strict diet plans not helping you in burning calories? Well, your wait is over. One very simple remedy that you can try at home is drinking a cup of green tea. Are you well aware of the health benefits that a pack of green tea offers? If you are not, learn everything about it today!

Green tea is an extremely beneficial beverage, which is gaining more and more popularity with each passing day. It is an organic form of tea that comes with various health-promoting values-be it fighting cancer, or antioxidant effects. It helps in boosting your metabolism, because of which you undergo weight loss. Yes, that’s the magic work! Increased metabolic rate is associated with increased calorie burn. Green tea acts as a natural stimulator for your system that can undoubtedly pace up the whole weight loss process.

How can green tea burn fat?

Green tea has unexpectedly received heavy appreciation over the years, due to its growing positive impact on your body. It showcases antioxidant properties at very high amounts. Camellia sinensis is the shrub from where you get green tea, by plucking its tips. It has anti-cancerous effects, thus the tea that you extract from this shrub also has the same nutritional value.

In the leaves of Camellia sinensis, some important phytochemicals are present that are referred to as polyphenols. These photoactive compounds supply antioxidant effects on your body. Green tea also helps in fighting various allergic responses, thereby improving the functioning of your immune system. Due to its easy availability, non-toxic nature, cost-effective and high nutritional value, green tea has become extremely popular.

There is a complete absence of any calories in green tea. The quantity of caffeine present in green tea is half the amount of caffeine present in one cup of coffee. If a cup of coffee has 100 mg of caffeine, one cup of green tea has 40 mg of caffeine. An active compound present in green tea called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) offers enormous antioxidant and fat burning properties. EGCG is present in a maximum of around 60 percent in green tea. It belongs to a class of catechins that are present in green tea, along with 3 other forms-

  1. Epicatechin (EC)- 6 percent
  2. Epigallocatechin (EGC)- 20 percent
  3. Epicatechin-3-gallate (ECG)-14 percent
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Out of all the catechins, EGCG acts as an efficient antioxidant and boosts your metabolic rate for greater fat burning. It facilitates the functioning of a particular enzyme to break down fat cells, by up-regulating norepinephrine. If the amount of norepinephrine increases in your body, it will burn more calories.

Have you ever thought what happens when you consume green tea alongside workouts? When you are exercising, you are automatically in the process of calorie burn. What if you can boost overall metabolic rate for greater weight loss? If you drink a cup of green tea in between exercises, you can burn 17% more fat than normal times. Isn’t that amazing? The catechins present in green tea helps you in burning calories during workouts, and even when you rest. It may actually lead to reduced body weight in the long run.

How green tea boosts the metabolic rate?

Under normal conditions, your body is continuously burning extra calories whether you are awake or asleep. However, it is a slow process that does not help you with weight loss results. Green tea will help to boost your metabolic rate so that you burn calories at a faster rate than usual. You may either drink green tea or separately take EGCG supplements for burning calories, even when you are resting.

Green tea can increase your overall metabolism by 3 to 4 percent, to a maximum of 8 percent. Say you are burning 2000 calories every day by exercising. An increase of 4 percent in your metabolic rate accounts for 60-80 additional calorie burn. This measure of calories is exactly the same as any high protein diet. If you have any cardiovascular disorder, you cannot go for food items with high protein content. In such cases, you can easily drink a cup of green tea and enjoy the weight loss results.

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When your metabolic rate increases, you automatically gain the will to eat more. Then how does that match with weight loss effects? Green tea has EGCG as an extremely active phytochemical compound that satiates your hunger, along with boosting your metabolism. Therefore even if your metabolic rate goes up, you will not feel hungry. EGCG naturally aids in loss of appetite, as well as reduces uptake of saturated fats from foods.

Can you get rid of abdominal fat with green tea?

The fat that accumulates in your belly or abdomen is extremely stubborn that does not wish to go. Even when you perform exercises specific abdominal fat burn, you do not get satisfactory results most of the times. Do you believe that green tea can rescue you from such a problem?

According to a lot of studies, green tea proved to remove visceral fat from your body quite effectively. Visceral fat is very harmful that poses lots of adverse effects on the vital organs like heart, liver, kidney, etc. It is important to get rid of visceral fat to maintain a healthy and threat-free body.

Belly fat is actually fat accumulating in the subcutaneous layers of your skin. It is very difficult to remove belly fat by just exercising. You need an additional push to normal workouts to burn abdominal fat. This additional push is green tea. Catechins like EGCG efficiently dissolves belly fat and gifts you a flat stomach.

Final words

Green tea is a highly beneficial beverage that has active phytochemicals like EGCG, to help you out with fat burning effects. It works in the same way as high protein foods but cuts down carbs. Make it a habit of drinking at least one cup of green tea every day to enjoy its amazing benefits.

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