How to heal herpes sores faster? A complete guide to your queries!

how to heal herpes sores faster

A bit of sad news for you. If you have contracted herpes, then it is a lifelong condition. The virus stays in the nerve cells forever. Doctors will prescribe you a set of anti-virals if you have an active outbreak (and follow it up with another set of medicines when you have an inactive outbreak). However, apart from medications, you also must know how to heal herpes sores faster by using specific natural procedures. 


This article will highlight some ways you will be able to alleviate the sores, by using natural techniques and then by using alternative medicines. Apart from that, you will get some handy techniques that will help reduce the outbreaks in the future. Here’s unveiling the secret remedies – 


how to heal herpes sores faster


How to heal herpes sores faster at home? 

When you have been detected with herpes, it is common knowledge that you are not supposed to touch the area randomly or use scented products on that area. Also, you must wash your hands every time you touch the wound and try to wear loose cotton clothes to ensure that they do not stick to the concerned area. However, with all the itching, swelling, and unnecessary discomfort, it is time to check out some home remedies that will help. 

  • Using a cold compress 

Never use ice directly on your skin. To reduce swelling, wrap an ice pack in a cloth and place it over the swelling every day for 15-20 minutes. Keep a gap of 3 hours between cold compress sessions. Keep moving the ice pack to prevent frostbite. 


Using a cold compress 


  • Applying aloe-vera 

Aloe vera paste eases the pain associated with genital herpes. You can directly apply it thanks to its wound-healing properties. 


Aloe or Aloe vera fresh leaves and slices on white background.


  • Apple cider vinegar 

This is another solution, when used topically, can give fantastic results. Mix water: vinegar (3:1) ratio and apply it topically on the sores. 


Apple cider vinegar 


  • Essential oils 

There are a number of essential oils like – ginger essential oil, thyme oil, eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil that help to deal with sores. Mix it with any carrier oil and use it locally on the sores. Ensure that the composition is always in the carrier oil: essential oil (2:1) ratio. 

Note – Do a patch test before applying the oil directly. 


Essential oils 

  • A couple of home-made pastes 

If you already have an idea about the benefits of home-made pastes, then you might wonder how to heal herpes sores faster with those? Here’s your list – you can use pastes of baking soda, cornstarch, and garlic (combine it with olive oil) topically to reduce the itching sensation and dry out the lesions associated with the sores. 

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A couple of home-made pastes 
Pc: marcus chung/ getty images


  • Extract of lemon balm 

When diluted with a carrier oil, this extract helps ease the sores associated with the herpes simplex virus. 

Extract of lemon balm


  • Goat milk 

Are you surprised to know that goat milk can help treat herpes sores? It has anti-viral properties that help ease the sores when applied topically (no dilution required). 


Goat milk
Pc: backyardgoats


  • Manuka honey 

It is a topical medicine used for treating blisters and sores in general. You may apply this undiluted on your herpes sores for effective results. 


Manuka honey


  • Echinacea 

You may use this anti-viral herbal extract, without any dilution – to deal with sores associated with HSV-1 and HSV-2 medical conditions. 



  • Licorice root 

The active ingredient of licorice root has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, you may use the root extract directly on the sores. 

These are some of the most – opted home-made remedies for treating herpes. However, after you are done checking out the same, there are certain other points, such as alternative treatments and other factors to note regarding dealing with herpes sores. 

Licorice root 


What are the alternative ways? 

If you now have comprehended how to heal herpes sores faster by using natural homemade remedies, then it is time to move on to figure out some alternatives to deal with the sores in the long run. 

  • Acupuncture 

An independent review conducted by an organization in 2022 showed that acupuncture positively affected herpes zoster and comparatively reduced the patient’s pain. 


  • Usage of propolis 

Propolis is a sticky substance bees make that supposedly helps deal with herpes. Though there is no scientific backing for the same, however, practical applications have shown positive results. 


Usage of propolis

What to note before picking any remedy? 

For those asking how to heal herpes sores faster in natural ways or with the help of supplements, it is primarily essential to remember that – not everything works for everyone. It may so happen that you have tried most of the remedies and also checked out some of the alternative aspects, yet, your sores do not heal fast. 

To ensure that such a predicament does not occur, you must keep in mind certain factors before picking up any of the stated remedies. They are – 

  • Know for a fact it is herpes. There are chances that you might mistake body rashes for herpes, and in that case, the treatment meted out will go wrong. 
  • If you are pregnant and somehow have contracted herpes, chances are there that you may pass it on to your unborn child (neonatal herpes). In that case, these home remedies do not work, and it is better to consult your OB-GYN. 

Lifestyle changes you must make 

After understanding how to heal herpes sores faster, the next thing that you need to work on is – ensuring that its recurrence is reduced considerably. As it has been previously mentioned, it is an incurable condition. For that, you need to be making some massive lifestyle changes. This will help you in dealing with the condition in a better way. 

  • Limit your alcohol consumption drastically 

Regular consumption of alcohol suppresses the white blood cells of the body. Thus, the body’s capacity to deal with viruses reduces considerably. Therefore, you need to reduce your alcohol intake (from daily to weekly and then to two-three times at a maximum monthly). Also, you need to limit your cigarette consumption. 

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Stop drinking,Stop drinking conceptMan alcoholic social problems sitting at table refusal of alcohol say no to addiction close-up

  • Change your dietary routine 

If you are still unaware, then here’s a knock for you. Rather than scratching your head and wondering how to heal herpes sores faster as you gorge on that bag of chips – replace it with nuts and fruits. Your diet must have ample amounts of nutrients, protein, fiber, zinc, Vitamin C and B-complex and minerals. 

Instead of going in for binge eating, it is better to limit your food intake to specific times and ensure that you have a healthy food combination. Additionally, cut down on your consumption of processed food and sugar. 

For the unversed, you also need to shoot down the consumption of L-arginine since that increases the issues associated with herpes. 



  • Add probiotics to your routine 

You must be aware that specific gut bacteria help to regulate the digestion in the body. When attacked by herpes, it affects the body’s immunity system. Therefore, you must include probiotics in your diet since they help regulate gut bacteria and helps improve the body’s response to the herpes simplex virus. 


  • Include Omega 3 Fatty Acid in your diet 

Apart from changing the base of your diet and adding probiotics to your schedule, include Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet. Add chia seeds, fatty fish (mackerel and salmon) and flaxseeds to your diet. 



  • Take Lysine supplements 


Another way to respond to how to heal herpes sores faster is by including lysine supplements in your diet. This amino acid is categorically used for improving digestion and promoting the healthy growth of cells. This thereby helps to deal with herpes in the long run and keep the outbreaks under control. 



FAQ to note 

Here are some of the most common queries about healing herpes sores faster – 

Q. Which triggers add to the herpes outbreaks? 

Herpes has a number of triggers, such as – stress, irregular menstrual cycles, any viral infection and even excessive exposure to sunlight. 

Q. How long do they normally last? 

It is common knowledge that herpes, when detected, lasts for a minimum of 2-3 weeks. Categorically, it depends on the tenacity of the first virus attack, which is worst for most people. Once they have been attacked for the first time, they naturally go in to shed the virus in the upcoming times. In fact, the second attack does not last that long. 

If your one lasts for over 3 weeks – then you need something more than mere anti-virals. 

Q. Do the OTC medicines work for genital and oral herpes? 

The over-the-counter medicines work perfectly well for treating both genital and oral herpes. Normally, you see a remarkable effect if you take medicines within 48 hours of the appearance of the lesions. A study also shows that it shortens the condition by 50% if the medicine is taken within the first 24 hours. 

Last thoughts 

Have you figured out how to heal herpes sores faster by using different home-made techniques and bringing an inherent change within? In that case, you must do the needful and also ensure that if someone you know is suffering from this problem, then you help them out as well. If you liked this article, and wish to add a point or two more, then do leave your comments below. Additionally, do share this info with your near and dear ones and help them take care of themselves at the earliest. 


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