Alcohol comes with benefits! Click to know about the benefits of tequila!

benefits of tequila

It was Friday night – thus the Party night!! Also, it was your first night at an alcohol trial. You must have been a little jittery. However, if you are still the prude with the cell phone in your hand and searching for the benefits of tequila this morning – after your friend poured you a shot – this digital document will not disappoint you! Tequila shots do have some benefits and are not much of a hangover!

Tequila has a Mexican origin – a distilled beverage made of the blue agave plant. Since this was your first shot at the shot – and next time, you do wish to try it with a little more spirit – here’s the all-that-you-have-to-know about it! Navigate the keys downward and get some knowledge stacked into your grey cells.

What are the benefits of tequila?

For starters – it is not the alcohol content of tequila but the agave plant remnants in tequila that brings about these benefits. The product from the bottom shelves that hit your brain (mixto) is not the tequila being talked about here. Rather, the distilled product of the blue agave plant – tequila- is under consideration here.

It is important to note that – The agave plant contains much less sugar than its contemporaries. That automatically results in tequila having a lower glycemic index (note that the excess sugar content in alcohol results in its enhanced harmful effects). In many cases –  agave syrup acts as an alternative to sugared drinks. Now, to get into a detailed account of the benefits that you can derive from tequila shots (at intervals, though).

benefits of tequila

1. It has been shown precisely to aid in sleeping 

Though tequila has infamously obtained the repute of being a part instigator – however – a limited amount of tequila works well as a nightcap – that helps to calm the nervous system as well as brings a certain amount of relaxation to the body.

Though it is not a good idea to depend on any kind of alcohol to promote sleep, a shot once or twice can help you keep your insomnia under control. This may be promoted as one of the benefits of tequila – but it is best to consult a medical practitioner for a long-term solution to your insomnia.

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By the way, do you know that tequila helps dilate the blood vessels, which helps mitigate body pain? Well, this is another of its advantages! 

2. It is fitness-friendly alcohol 

When on a diet – you cut down on alcohol – the rule is simple! However, with tequila – you need not be concerned about the same. Just remember that – tequila is made of agave content – the sugar element being called (agavin). This in no way interferes with the body and passes through unused.

Therefore – the blood sugar does not rise with this courtesy of the non-digestible type of dietary fibers. Those people who have Type 2 Diabetes can very well enjoy their alcohol via tequila consumption – since this will not aggravate their blood sugar levels.

3. Ever thought that alcohol could benefit digestion? Tequila does

Well, one of the primary benefits of tequila – though very surprising given that it is an alcoholic drink is that – it helps digestion. As a spirit, it very well acts as a digestif and stimulates your metabolism standards. In fact – some studies clearly prove that the fructans present in agave act as – probiotic (an alcohol that is probiotic) which benefits the digestive process.

Also, compared to other alcoholic drinks (at times even wine), which are strictly prevented when on medication – it is the fructans contained in agave plant that helps in the passage of certain medicines to the colon area. Further studies on this are awaited.

4. Alcohol and bone density? Not a joke, though! 

What many people would not be ready to accept – but surely is one of the myriad benefits of tequila is – the agave tequilana assists in the absorption process of both magnesium and calcium – thereby helping in their development.

So, if you are on medication for osteoporosis – tequila is one alcohol that you may try a shot at. However, do consult your doctor before you go in for any kind of medication.

Last but not least, tequila (the one made purely out of blue agave plant) does not leave you with any hangover. So, you may have your shots – without fear of missing the next day’s office!

Do you want some nutritional details?

Well, for those looking out for the benefits of tequila – in an 80-proof sample of tequila – there are 64 calories, no added sugars, 10gm of alcohol content, and traces of sodium and zinc. Surely, compared to the other alcoholic beverages, this adds some positives.

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#Point to remember – For the uninitiated – there are multiple types of tequila available for consumption. So, you can opt from the Joven, Reposado, Blanco, and Anejo range, to name a few.

Also, compared to the other alcohol options such as – Vodka or Rum –  tequila is a better choice. Additionally, its Glycemic Index of zero – makes it surely that shot – which you can have more than one!

However, if you have any kind of heart condition (especially surgical issues), or you are under medication for some mental issues, and most importantly, if you are trying to conceive or are carrying – then abstain from alcohol.

Should you drink tequila more often?

Now, this query is more like a rhetorical question. However, the answer is a bit dicey. Compared to other alcoholic beverages, you may drink tequila a little more. However, everything is best in moderation.

So, if you wish to derive the benefits of tequila in the best manner, you must check your consumption levels, the brand you are choosing, and whether your body is accustomed to it and to what levels.

#Point to remember – Alcohol itself enhances the chances of cancer, and tequila (in its purest form) has alcohol content. Hence, caution must be exercised.

benefits of tequila

Medical references prove that excess tequila intake can result in higher systolic BP rates. Again – those who are bordering on addictive levels – must pay heed to this.

For those who are allergic to agave plants – tequila can come up with some allergic reactions in that case. In fact, there have been multiple odd incidents of anaphylaxis from tequila consumption – but the recovery rate for the same is quite high.

Hence, keeping these aspects in mind – please be cautious regarding tequila consumption.

To conclude

This article on the benefits of tequila may have given you a better insight regarding this distilled product, but again – it is an alcoholic beverage that you must consume with limitations. In no way – does this article plan to promote alcohol consumption. Hopefully, this article could do justice to the queries that you had. If you have any further queries or wish to give out more details, leave your feedback on this article.

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