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benefits of yoga for men

Mellifluous music, aromatic candles, soft-spoken teachers, lenient movements – this is the atmosphere of a yoga studio. The stereotypical view of a yoga studio is anything but masculine. However, what many people are not aware of is – the roots of yoga are in the male domain. There is a multitude of benefits of yoga for men, and in this 21st century, male yogis are rediscovering their domain.

Endurance running and CrossFit training may be the choices for men in terms of their exercise routine. However, the benefits that yoga delivers, especially if practiced daily with respect to the union of the physical and spiritual aspects – are unparalleled.

What are the first-hand benefits of yoga for men?

For starters – there are numerous. The information delivered can be quite surprising!

1. Regular Exercise betters health – Yoga adds to its positives

When it comes to men – they are more into outdoor exercise. For them – it is all about strength training and endurance benchmarks that must be pushed. Well, that is absolutely fine! What, however, is notable – how yoga helps internally, or acts as a stimulant for the body – post the range of regular exercises.

One of the primary benefits of yoga for men – is that it increases their level of mobility as well as standards of flexibility. While one is focused on controlled breathing – the parasympathetic nervous system gets activated. They release neurotransmitters – which further release muscular tension.

Automatically, this assists in checking muscular imbalance, improving postures, and ensuring relief to joints. Keep up the regular exercise routine – but tag along with yoga twice or thrice a week.

benefits of yoga for men

#The Man Flow yoga is one of the most beneficial formats to follow. 

2. For men, the Bedroom Play is important – be the champ there

Now comes up an interesting section. Who wouldn’t want a perfect erection and a night of fulfilling romance? Well, another of the multiple benefits of yoga for men includes – increased sexual prowess. A constant practice of yoga helps the blood reach the genitals and assists in the erection process. Additionally, it releases the hormones that enhance sexual performance and orgasm in males.

The above study was made by an independent American Journal of Sexual Medicine – on 12 males (2019). There was a marked improvement in their sexual desires and their ability to control their ejaculation levels.

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3. Helps to know your body better and prepare for injuries

One of the most important positives associated with yoga is – stretching the body to the extent. Have you heard of the Vinyasa form of yoga? Well, that is one of the most promising forms of yoga that helps to align the body as well as correct the imbalances in the body.

What’s more? A dexterous body is always one that is less prone to injuries. So, even if you do have an injury – the repurcussions of the same will be limited.

4. Talking mental health, anyone?

An independent study by the Journal of Physical Activity and Health – states that practicing Hatha Yoga can improve focus multifold. Men have always had a tendency to internalize stress, and hence there is a sudden rise in cortisol levels.

With yoga – rest assured this level is maintained, assuredly improving the body’s response rate to the stress situation in an effective manner. Since its primary function is to improve the range of motion, therefore this will lead to better resting ability and improved focus.

Postures suitable for men

When it comes to flexibility of the body for a man – three come certain limitations. Hence, even when performing and trying to derive maximum benefits of yoga for men – there are certain modifications required in the original positions.

Here are some of the modified positions –

1. The Boat Position is specifically used to target the core area (transverse abdominals). Since its main target is to manage an individual’s posture and balance, the overall efficiency of the muscles enhances in the process. This Naukasana pose is practiced by women frequently.

benefits of yoga for men

Now when it comes to a man – Since their core and hip area are weaker on average compared to their upper area, so they should try to lift their upper part of the body while keeping the shins parallel to the ground.

2. The High Lunge Position is again used to prepare the body against the risk of injuries. This is a complete strength workout starting from core strength to balance to endurance building.

Now when it comes to a man – As they have tighter hips, they need to close their feet. Along with that – the knee area and the back leg must be softened – to ensure that hip flex is maintained. This brings to the fore the missing flexibility of the masculine body.

There are other positions such as the Cobra, Warrior and Lizard, and the Pigeon – all of which, when practiced by a man, need to take into account the changed flexibility aspect.

Can yoga replace endurance workouts?

For those men, who have just started off their yoga routine, it is important to understand that – in terms of intensity, yoga does not match the standards of endurance workouts. However, it can very well support endurance workout sessions – as a supplementary option. Apart from that – there are times when the body requires a break from the schedule or there are certain untoward injuries – in either case – yoga can be the alternative.

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When one talks of the benefits of yoga for men – to derive the maximum of it – matching them up with a range of cardio or other free-hand exercises is one of the easiest way-outs. The yoga that you intend to practice must challenge your strength. The ‘crow pose’ is a great yoga format since it enhances the inner strength of the man practicing it.

Another way to supplement yoga is to – strengthen the grips. The grip strengthening exercises are required to ensure that the positives that yoga has brought about internally are carried forth in the best manner. Additionally, one must balance cardio with yoga to ensure that the heart is gripped in the best condition.

benefits of yoga for men

To derive positive results from the combination of yoga and workout routine, you must consistently follow this for 3 months – before noticing any significant change.

#Also, follow an alternative format – if you do yoga thrice per week, alternate it with strength exercises during the week. Else, if your workout schedule is in the mornings, follow the yoga routine at night.  Aim for 100 minutes per week in terms of a yoga routine.

Why is yoga for men different from that for women?

The yoga that men should practice is different from the yoga practised by women. This difference stems from the fact that – female bodies have evolved for childbirth, and male bodies haven’t. Hence the male body is less flexible compared to its female counterpart.

Also, since men have a higher center of gravity, they tend to use their upper bodies more. On the contrary, in the case of female bodies – the hips and the lower domain have a wider range. Hence, if one has to derive the best benefits of yoga for men, the postures must be curated accordingly.

The wrap-up

Just remember that before you start your yoga routine – you must have light clothing, a yoga mat, a yoga strap, and cork yoga blocks. For those starting new – these are some of the most important supplements that you need to carry.

Hopefully, as you keep practicing – you will gradually get to see the benefits of yoga for men with time. Keep stretching, and do not give up in the first few days. Do pin up this article for further reference. If you find this useful, do share it with your peers and leave feedback.

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