4 Ginger Benefits Sexually You Must Take Note Of!

Ginger Benefits Sexually

A recent report by Healthnews, a medical portal, has brought forth a piece of news about ginger benefits sexually. We have always known about the multiple health benefits of ginger (from helping with constipation to its role as an antioxidant). However, its sexual benefits, especially with respect to males, have only recently come to the forefront. In fact, the study also states that ginger improves blood circulation in men, helping them ‘last longer’ in bed! Now that is some news, you must read more. 

We at HeAndSheFitness have brought forth adequate benefits of ginger for improving the sexual health of individuals. We will also tell you the correct ways to have ginger to harness its complete potential. Let us bring to you the specifics – 

What are ginger benefits sexually for males? 

Ginger Benefits Sexually for men
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Let us now look into the sexual benefits that this spice extends to the men ‘in bed’ – 

1. This impacts both blood flow and pressure 

One of the most effective ginger benefits sexually is – how ginger extracts impact both blood flow and pressure. Multiple studies have found ginger to improve the blood flow within the body. At the same time, it improves both systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels (as it keeps them controlled) in males. 

It is no secret that high BP is one of the critical causes of sexual dysfunction. Hence, limited consumption of ginger helps prevent blood clots, supports higher blood flow, and increases arousal. 

2. It stimulates both testosterone production and semen quality 

Ginger has been found to stimulate – both semen quality and testosterone production levels. Studies have revealed that ginger can enhance the sperm’s viability, concentration, and motility. It is also beneficial for men who have hypertension and infertility. 

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What is crucial to note is – ginger enhances the levels of luteinizing hormones, which directly affects testosterone synthesis. 

3. Ginger reduces oxidative stress 

man having ginger tea
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Oxidative stress is a medical condition that causes an imbalance of antioxidants and free radicals within the body. This in the long run results in – cell damage and inflammation. Studies reflect that oxidative stress negatively impacts both normal sexual functioning and fertility. 

One of the vital ginger benefits sexually is its capacity to relieve the symptoms of oxidative stress, reduce cell and tissue damage, and assist in conditions of erectile dysfunction (it is essential for prostrate health).  

4. Ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties are worth noting 

Topping it all, ginger has massive anti-inflammatory properties that support brain and joint health, reducing the chances of a heart attack. Daily consumption of this spice helps prevent the building of blood clots and enhances blood flow in the body. 

Thus, on the whole, multiple case studies have found that ginger improved sexual arousal toward erotic stimuli

What are ginger benefits sexually for females? 

ginger benefits sexually for women
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Apart from males, women also gain sexual benefits from ginger. A recent report states a new fad of Kenyan women – having ginger shots and okra water to improve their sexual prowess. The ginger shots, made of lime and ginger root, have become a new wellness trend on TikTok! 

Fads aside, in general, women have garnered a multitude of positives from ginger. Ginger consumption has resulted in increased blood flow to female genitalia, which sexually arouses the woman. This increases lubrication and its antioxidant properties help in better functioning of organs.  

The consumption of ginger has been shown to improve folliculogenesis. Additionally, administering ginger extracts has been shown to balance hormones in rats who have a PCOS condition (a female fertility issue). 

Further studies on ginger benefits sexually for women are on, and we will update you on the details as soon as possible. 

What is the correct way to have ginger? 

3 grams of ginger daily
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There is no correct way to have ginger. However, for maximum benefit, most people consume ginger roots and ginger powder. Apart from that, you can enjoy a warm cup of ginger tea (which has multiple benefits), add it as a spice to any dish (most households already add it), and enjoy them in smoothies as well! Ginger candies are another way to consume this spice. 

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Medical practitioners suggest consuming 3-4 grams of ginger per day for maximum benefit. However, you must not consume over 6 grams of ginger since that could lead to gastrointestinal issues. 

Exercise caution while choosing 

Numerous portals have been taking advantage of the ginger benefits sexually and have been selling tinctures and tablets. Most of these claim to be testosterone boosters with ginger content in them. 

However, most of these fraudulent practices have emerged online. If you have to get a ginger-enhanced tincture or a solution/tablet, always consult a medical professional for the same. Follow prescribed medications only. 

The bottom line 

Ginger has been the traditional herbal remedy since time immemorial. However, amongst its other sets of positives, the ginger benefits sexually have recently come under the limelight. Though there have been instances before, of ginger helping individuals enhance their sexual health, the recent facts shed more light on the same. Its therapeutic properties and bioactive elements boost sexual health to a great extent. With further studies underway, we will update you. 

If you liked this piece of news and want more of such articles, keep following this website. We have also answered some of the most often-asked queries for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. When is the correct time to consume ginger? 

There is no specific time to consume ginger. Many prefer to have it right in the morning, while others choose to have it at night. To completely capitalise on ginger benefits sexually having it before sexual activity helps. Further studies on the same are underway. 

2. Is ginger an aphrodisiac? 

Though it traditionally has not been an aphrodisiac but, it has certain sexual benefits for both men and women. Recently, it has come to light that it improves blood flow and libido and indirectly influences sexual arousal. 

3. Can ginger help with erectile dysfunction? 

As of the time of writing this article, the benefits of ginger in dealing with erectile dysfunction are inconclusive. However, ginger acts as a natural remedy to boost the sexual health of individuals. So, one may use it as a preventive strategy. 

4. What are the other benefits of ginger? 

Ginger has a multitude of benefits such as aiding in digestion, promoting restful sleep, supporting immunity (especially preventing cough and cold), lowering blood pressure, and reducing inflammation in the body. 


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