The Many Benefits Of Nutritional Supplements

The Many Benefits Of Nutritional Supplements

With a society that is increasingly becoming more and more health-conscious, it is no wonder that the nutritional supplement industry is a billion-dollar business. But are there really benefits to taking nutritional supplements or are they just this era’s version of a modern-day snake oil? Actually, more and more studies have shown the benefits of taking supplements. Here are just a few:

1. Maintaining the metabolism. After a meal is eaten, the body begins to break down the macronutrients that were ingested. This requires optimal levels of certain vitamins, most notably B vitamins, that are consumed on a daily basis. Supplementing with these vitamins is a good idea as it prevents such things as skin disorders, anemia. and joint pain, that can all result from vitamin deficiencies.

2. Some studies have shown that high-quality supplements, such as those found at NuMedica supplements, are strongly linked to helping the body’s tissue repair itself. Every day, the tissues of the body undergo a tremendous amount of stress. Nutritional supplements which can aid in protein absorption and synthesization are crucial to the body maintaining optimal health. Supplements such as calcium and vitamin D go a long way towards preventing such wasting diseases as osteoporosis, which can lead to brittle bones and heart tissue damage.

3. There are even supplements which have been proven to help prevent cancer. This disease is one of the leading killer of Americans every year, so it is believed necessary to supplement the diet with such vitamins as A, C, and E. These vitamins are all well-known anti-oxidants which work to fight cancer-causing oxidized cells. By preventing oxidization of cells, cancer is given a much less chance of survival in the human body. Antioxidants have years of research behind them and have been proven safe in numerous clinical trials.

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