Testosterone Steroids Therapy is not to be taken as mere supplements

Testosterone Steroids Therapy is not to be taken as mere supplements

Not a lot of people might know this, but testosterone has a lot to do with how you feel and appear. Produced in the testicles, these hormones effectively maintain bone density, fat distribution, muscle strength and mass, facial and body hair, red blood cell production. More importantly, it maintains our stamina, sex drive, and a healthy sperm count. But sadly enough, testosterone levels start decreasing with age; at a rate of about 1 percent per year, after you have turned roughly 30. Now, this is something natural, and you just cannot do anything about it. You might feel too low, lacking in sex drive, and reduced self-esteem. These are problems that can appear with age and does appear in most. They appeared in me, and my story will tell you how to proceed if ever, you are faced with these problems.

I am 42 now. The problems started showing sometime between 35 and 36. Earlier, I used to be very energetic, full of positive energy. I was excellent in bed, with a good sexual drive; I and my partner used to make love at least thrice a week. But once the problems started showing, I lost my stamina, the energy. I used to feel tired all the time. I did not like getting into bed with my partner. I was slightly depressed. But if you would ask me, I never knew a reason for that. Furthermore, I felt like my muscles were dissolving away, and being replaced by fats instead. I started losing sleep and diet. I was really concerned.

As concerned as I was, I was hesitant to approach a doctor or talk to anyone about it. I was actually afraid that I would be diagnosed with something sinister. Then I came across an article that suggested testosterone therapies. It had information about pills, gels, and patches, which supposedly replenished testosterone levels in men. I was delighted and decided to give it a try. Accordingly, I got a course and got on with it. Days went by, but what I eventually found out was rather disappointing. Apart from some growth in muscle mass, there was no significant development in my problems. I felt the same amount of anxiety, the same loss of stamina.

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On further research, I found out even more horrifying facts. I found out that if I was trying to go against the natural aging process, I could have to face rather serious consequences. I found out that testosterone therapy against natural aging can actually cause sleep apnea, dermatological problems, grow larger man boobs; and it does not end just there. Your testicles could shrink, and limit sperm production. It could further hinder blood flow by forming clots deeper into the veins. What was the most horrifying information I found out was that, testosterone therapy against natural aging could actually lead to noncancerous growth of the prostate glands, and it could further boost the growth of formerly existing prostate cancer.

Whatever might come up, you have to eventually deal with it and deal with it the right ways therefore, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. And gods forbid, it might not just be natural aging, and you could be suffering from Hypogonadism. In that case, you will be needing medical attention, and there are treatments and therapies for that. These therapies have a positive effect if they are taken under the supervision of the trusted doctor. The way I did after suffering for a long time with self-medication. Thus, don’t wait, see your symptoms and get yourself tested today.

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