How to Grow Taller Fast – Your Increase Height Guide

How to Grow Taller Fast – Your Increase Height Guide

Have you ever wondered how some people (especially some male adolescents as compared to others) are able to grow taller quickly? Well in this article we will cover this. From healthy sleep habits, healthy dieting, proper exercise, and even supplements, this guide, inspired by the club focused on increasing height, will cover the basics in order to get you growing faster than you would without any of these items.

Sleep Habits and Sleep Positioning

One method that is important is having healthy sleep habits. Be sure to get at least 7 hours (1 hour more than the minimum normal “required” sleep) in order to help you grow faster. It is a proven medical fact that anything over 5 hours of sleep helps the brain grow healthy tissues and helps to build and repair your body’s cells that can be damaged throughout each day. Also, if you want to grow taller faster, sleep positioning is an important factor.

Sleeping on your side, or on a very soft bed can actually do more damage to your spine in the long run and if your mattress isn’t firm enough, you can decrease the amount of proper alignment you need for your body to grow. Sleeping on your back, with or without a pillow under your knees (if you don’t use a pillow under your knees, don’t hesitate to lay on your back at a slight incline, keeping your body and back straight).

Healthy Diet

Protein, Vitamins, Amino acids oh my! Be sure to eat plenty of meats, leafy green vegetables and green vegetables in general (spinach, kale, and green beans for example), as well as fruit and some dairy (to help promote healthy bone growth, blood sugar levels, and muscle tissue growth) in order to increase the amounts of human growth hormone your body produces. Be sure to eat plenty of chicken, fish, and other lean red meats (lean beef and venison).

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In order to promote healthy growth of tissue as your body and bones adjust, be sure to do plenty of stretching, cardiovascular workout as well as weight training. Exercise combined with diet and sleep is an essential way to give your body the ability to be more flexible and grow faster. You aren’t just getting into shape, you’re helping your body grow more!


There are natural supplements out there for those who don’t grow as fast as others. If the above doesn’t work, you can always do your research and resort to supplements to increase things such as amino acids and vitamins which have been proven to increase human growth hormones in your body.


While genetics still play an important factor in determining just how much you may grow, they are not the only thing that matters. If you want to grow faster, using the above-listed methods can drastically improve the speed of your growth, and even allow your body to produce more HGH which can also increase the amount you can grow slightly. It is even possible to grow taller than any of your parents this way.

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