Teach Yourself How To Be Comfortable In The Gym

Teach Yourself How To Be Comfortable In The Gym

The main reason that keeps people out of the gym is not laziness or being satisfied with how they look. It is not even the lack of will, time or money. The biggest reason why they stay out is the feeling of unease that overwhelms them when they are entering the Olympus. Walking between all those workout machines already taken by sweaty Greek gods and goddesses in their flashing spandex must feel intimidating. Gym-timidating, to be precise. Well, the mere fact that there is an expression for this particular phenomenon should relieve you enough, since almost everyone has been through that.

Make a promise

This one is easy. Before going to the gym for the first time, take a good look at yourself in a mirror and promise to the person you see, that in a month from now you’ll still be going to the gym. A month time is a period long enough to conquer your fears and to establish a habit of the workout. Not to mention that a person in a mirror will look and feel much better than the day you’ve made your promise.  By that time you will realize that your doubts were ridiculously unfounded and you will enjoy your regular visits to the gym.

Enter the gym

To feel more comfortable, choose gym where the staff caters newcomers. Don’t pay attention to other people because there is a great possibility that they won’t even notice you. Most of the gym-goers are focused on their own sets of exercises, so it’s hard to imagine that they’ll take the time to analyze or judge you in particular. After a while, you’ll see for yourself how much you will ignore the surrounding, the moment you warm up and get in the zone.

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Rely on gym staff

Since you were brave enough to make the first step, it is time to find an ally, someone who will guide and support you on your journey to a better version of yourself. Gym staff will gladly help you out to overcome any possible insecurity and assist you with a fitness routine. Let them do their job and create a workout strategy that will suit you best, an effective routine that will make you feel comfortable and confident at the same time. A good trainer will support you and encourage you to accomplish more, so rest assure that the progress will be evident.

Dress up

Looking good in the gym is not all about being in shape, it has something to do with the whole package of fitness aesthetics. You’ve noticed that devoted gym-goers take good care of their workout appearance, so get some workout clothes but keep in mind that it has to be comfy. Speaking of comfy, the arrival of yoga pants Australia has welcomed with a smile, so try them out since they are a perfect for exercising, they allow all the workout moves, while it is ok to wear them even on the night out.

Pick the time

Find out the busiest hours in your gym and simply avoid exercising when it is most crowded. Usually, it is between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. on workdays, as for the weekends, ask the staff. You will feel more relaxed and concentrated when working out in a quieter and half empty gym, plus it is more likely that, if you wish, the gym staff will have more time for you.

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Go easy on yourself

The fact that you are in a gym should be quite enough for a start. Do not get too ambitious and go easy, since the high workout intensity and wrong choice of weights can only discourage you at the very beginning. Instead of nailing every move and lifting super weights, go slow, pace yourself and keep in mind that it is all about the continuity. You’ll get there eventually, but you need to start slowly with modified positions and light weights.


Nothing should stand between you and better-shaped version of yourself, except time and hard n’ sweaty workout. Take that first step and surround yourself with hard working out people whose presence should not discourage you, but motivate you instead. Keep in mind that, in the past, every single one of them has walked into the gym for the first time, probably chubby and worried, yet here they are today, looking sharp and confident. No reason why you shouldn’t be like them, looking good and feeling comfortable, just a couple of months from now.

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