Essential Guide To The Perfect Home Workout

Essential Guide To The Perfect Home Workout weights on ground

Needless to say, it’s rather daunting to try and design a home workout that meets or even surpasses your physical fitness goals. Most recognize that physical fitness is a top priority that should be addressed at every stage of life. Physical fitness concerns more than just looking good in your clothes. It’s all about improving your health and enjoying life. Those that are physically fit, stay healthier. The first step is to develop a fitness routine that is designed specifically to help you reach your fitness goal. Start by assessing your current fitness level and matching it with an exercise routine.

Home Workout Advantages

It’s up to you to take advantage of a home workout and improve your health now. The fact is that working out for long hours is not essential to developing a healthier and fit body. Forget about training like you were about to join the next Olympic games, instead design a level of physical activity that will positively affect your physical health and well being. The top advantages associated with a home workout include reducing health risks, building stronger bones, building stronger muscles, burning more calories, building self esteem about your body, working out at your own pace, saving time, and simplifying life. Think of exercise like a kind of an insurance against your body breaking down. Certainly, a home workout just makes good sense. You can add a number of items to your regular pre workout for cardio.

Getting Started

You must start with a plan. What are your goals? Are you obsessed with developing lean muscles? Would you like to lose several pounds? Perhaps, improving your cardiovascular health is your focus. Your next goal is to start moving. Develop a home workout that suits your goal and lifestyle. For example, you live a very hectic life and can’t exercise for an hour. Instead, design a quick workout that hits all areas on your body. Perhaps, 30 minutes or less, is a good start on a cycle or ab machine. Practice the workout at least every other day. Select a workout space in your home. Often, a home warranty will cover any major breakdowns of your home exercise equipment or other appliances associated with your workout. The workout area might fit easily into a space in your bedroom, basement, attic, or even a garage.

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Full Body Workout

Design a full body wokout plan. For example, squats or lunges for your quads. Hip raises or step ups for your butt and hamstrings. Push ups, overhead presses, bench presses, and dips are great chest, shoulder, and triceps workouts. Pull ups, chin ups, dumbbell rows, are excellent workouts for the back, biceps, and forearms. Planks, side planks, crunches, mountain climbers are good exercises for the core. Select one exercise from each group to work the entire body, when you first start out. Workout on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Give your body time to recover on the other days. This is the typical way to build lean muscles and reduce fat.

Sets & Repetitions

Certainly, sets and reps are terms that you should memorize. They explain the exercise pattern. For example, repetitions are the number of times that you perform a certain exercise. The sets are the number of cycles complete. For example, you decide to do 10 push ups, 3 sets. This translates to performing 10 push-ups consequentially, 3 times. Start out your home workout in the low range. For example, 6 to 8 reps, 1 set. Gradually, add more reps and sets, as your endurance develops.

Developing A Routine

Once you’ve developed a home workout routine, stick to it. Remember to rest between sets. Rest at least a minute between each set. Start out lifting light dumbbell weights. Gradually work up to the heavier weights to reduce the chances of injuring your body. Learn to mix up your exercise routine, for a well rounded workout that develops the entire body.

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The fact is that working out at home is actually a very effective way to get fit and improve your health. Give it a try.

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