Things You Should Take To Your Fitness Center

Things You Should Take To Your Fitness Center

The fashion and lifestyle industry has evolved greatly over the years.  Looking fashionable is no more restricted to occasional dinners and parties. In fact, fashion is now a lifestyle element and a true fashionista looks right on the style-o-meter whether they are going for a grocery, at their workplace or a wedding. Probably that is the reason why many fashion brands have launched dedicated product lines for corporate fashion, bridal fashion, college and street fashion and many other similar segments. One of the hottest trends in the lifestyle circuit has been the sports and fitness fashion.

Fitness and fashion have always gone hand in hand. For a long time, the fashion industry had patronized size zeroes and six-packs as ideal body images thereby encouraging more men and women to join fitness centers and boot camps. Fortunately, while the ideal body association with only certain types of the body is subsiding and body positivity movements have picked up, fitness regimes are still being encouraged as a means to stay healthy and have toned bodies if not slim. As more people are joining fitness centers and sports clubs today, the concept of sports and fitness fashion has become the latest buzz word. It means that even when you are going to the gym, you should look on point. If you are confused about how to sizzle the next time you get on to that treadmill, here is a quick style guide for you.

Gym Wear

The most important thing that you need to understand is that you need to invest in a pair of appropriate gym wear. You cannot get on the elliptical in your PJ’s and cannot play a tennis game on your jeans. There are dedicated clothes for the gym and different types of sports activities which use fabric and stitching according to the requirement. However, if you do not want to buy an Adidas sports stop or Reebok shorts, you can wear any regular sports shorts and pair with a tank top.

When picking up the gym clothes, make sure that they are comfortable and the fitting is neither too tight nor too loose. The right fit is important to give your body the right support without making you feel suffocated. AvoidAvoiding clothes that will hinder your body movement and flexibility. Moreover, do not pick up anything that you are not comfortable wearing. For example, a lot of women are not comfortable with showing too much skin.

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From a fashion point of view, solid darker tones such as black, red and blue are the hottest trends. Keep an additional pair of a sweatshirt or a sleeveless tank top and a pair of track pants to walk out of gym once you are done with your session.

Gym Shoes

Unless you are putting for swimming, you need a proper gym or sports shoes for whatever activity you are taking up. Good running shoes are important for fitness centers or tennis shoes for tennis courts. Just like the dress, it is important that your pair of shoe is comfortable and has a nice fit. The right shoe type and size is important since you will be involved in a lot of footwork and a breathable, comfortable sports shoe helps a lot on the process. Wearing the wrong shoe fit can result in injuries.

It is recommended that you keep a pair of smart Hawaiians or a Fit Flop in your gym bag to roam around when you are not gymming. It is especially recommended for those going for Suana and Steam baths. A pair of hit Hawaiians paired with a light colored t-shirt and a dark toned short is the hottest look on the trend chart.


The workout can be extremely boring and in fact difficult without the right music beats. Invest in a good music gadget or ideally a smartphone that supports a music gallery and downloads your favorite workout playlist. Make sure you invest in a good pair of earphones and earpods. Of course, if you can afford, nothing beats Apple in the music game.


Just like you cannot complete any other look without the right accessories, the same applies to your sports and gym looks. Missing out on accessories makes you look bare and incomplete. That being said, it does not mean that you walk into your health club wearing tons of rings and long earrings. In fact, it would be best to ditch the jewelry entirely and replace it with sweatbands for your wrist. Besides a sweatband, it is highly recommended that you wear a watch. That does not mean that you wear your Rolex to your gym but you should check out dedicated sport watches for men and women. Sports watches such as Fitbit not only look ultra chic and stylish because of the tech angle to it, but they also have an amazing utility with respect to your workout regime. These sports watches keep track of your physical activity and help you keep count of your calories and other body vitals.

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Gym Bag

When you have to take so many supplies to your gym, it only makes sense that you take a gym bag along. There are people who literally stuff their extra clothes and other supplies in shopping tote bags, which looks really off. Invest in a good gym bag that not only goes a long way but is also convenient to carry. You would not want to put all the pressure on your shoulder after that extensive workout session. Although duffle bags are usually quite hit as a sports bag, the latest trend is backpacks. Besides looking extremely trendy, they are also very convenient to carry with adequate back support.

Makeup and Toiletries

Go easy on the makeup when going to the gym, however, it does not mean you have to go bare face. Never forget to put on your sunscreen if you are intending to take up an outdoor activity. A moisturizer is a must and is something you should not skip. If you are intending a steam bath or Suana, make sure you have the appropriate facemask on. If you are using any makeup, make sure it is waterproof to take care of the sweat.

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