Wisdom Tooth Removal: Be Ready for Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Wisdom Tooth Removal: Be Ready for Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Getting ready to remove a wisdom tooth is by no means anyone’s favourite weekend activity. It can be quite the undergoing and you definitely need to take the time to ensure that you recover slowly and completely before getting back to your regular daily routine. There, however, a few ways to prepare yourself in order to make the process as successful and painless as possible. Keep reading to discover how to arm yourself prior to undergoing wisdom teeth extractions…

Take Time Off

You will absolutely need to book yourself a good chunk of time off work. No one is going to be productive if they’re in pain and swollen whilst they’re sitting at their office chair. Take three to five days off work to allow yourself to fully recover, anything less than this is going to be bad for your health, and that just isn’t worth it. 

Bring a Support Person 

You’ll need a support person to pick you up, drive you home and get you into bed nice and safely. Support people are essential for any kind of significant procedure, so get someone booked in well ahead of time. 

Stock Up on Medication 

You will likely be prescribed a set of medication to take following your extraction, but try to stock up on a few over the counter painkillers to back yourself up for the days following your procedure. Call ahead to see if there are any particular medications that your dental professional recommends having on hand. 

Get the Right Food in

All of the soft foods should be in your kitchen! Haul the ice cream, yogurt, mashed potatoes, smoothies, anything soft to get you fed and through the day. 

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Arm Yourself with Entertainment 

You’re going to need some great movies, relaxing TV, chilled out music and engaging reading to get you through the days following to remove a wisdom tooth. Make sure that you have plenty of entertainment lined up to fill those hours spent in bed or on the couch, there are going to be many. This is a great chance to catch up on all those must-watch shows that you’re always too busy to get into!

Research, Research, Research 

You know what they say, knowledge is power, and you know, they’re right. The internet has a mass of information out there, so try and stick to health orientated sites that are going to give you precise advice that you can actually follow. Better yet? Maybe stick to the site of the practice that you’re heading to! This will have targeted information that you can realistically apply to your recovery process. Not seeing much out there? There is nothing wrong with contacting your dental practice ahead of time to see if they have any handy resources or recommendations. 

If in Doubt, Keep an Open Line of Communication 

Always remember that your dentist should be there to answer your questions and concerns after your procedure – care doesn’t just stop as soon as you hop out of the chair! Ensure that you have a form of communication just in case you run into any issues or problems that Google can’t (and quite frankly should not) solve for you. Have a phone number on hand, just in case.

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And there you have it! Follow these steps and your extraction recovery process is sure to be as speedy and as comfortable as it possibly can be. Always ensure that your dental professional is informed of any significant discomfort or concerns you experience during this period, your health and wellbeing must be prioritised above all else following this kind of procedure. Book in for a appointment or consultation to remove a wisdom tooth and start your journey towards a safer, happier and healthier smile, today!

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