Top 13 plus size Latina influencers spreading love globally!

plus size Latina influencers

Hispanic Heritage month is here! The Hispanics have been body and culture shamed over the centuries. Additionally, if you are a Hispanic woman staying within the traditionally racist domains of the world – there’s more than a chance you have heard ‘offensive terms.’ But as they say – you need that one push to make it when you are on the brink. Latina women are known for their curves and their cultural differences. What joins them is – their love for what they are. Taking this self-love a notch higher are some plus size Latina influencers, who do not just flaunt themselves on social media but push others to celebrate themselves!

Who are they? In which fields do they excel? How do they celebrate their culture and themselves? This digital write-up will take a closer look at these aspects. Here’s taking a look at the same –

Who are the top plus size Latina influencers making waves?

As you will scroll down this listicle, you will find a set of plus size Latina influencers who, despite being socially and digitally shamed from various corners, have still made their mark in the influencer world. Let’s take a quick look –

1. Sandra and Darlene

This is one set of plus size Latina influencers who, despite being shown the door multiple times, have never stopped celebrating life and their bodies. Fashion blogger Sandra hails from Puerto Rico, while Darlene comes from Mexico. Both are digital content creators, and despite their individual Instagram accounts, they collaborate on multiple projects that include fashion, beauty, and other facets of the same.

Also, in a recent collaboration, they announced that they would use their platforms to sell clothes for a charity activity, the proceeds of which will go to the hurricane victims of the Caribbean.

2. Cindy Gonzales

This Venezuelan sweetheart has carved her niche as one of the most sought-after plus-size Latina influencers and fashion writers for The Amaranta. When you check out her Instagram page, you will see how she celebrates her body (despite the world calling her names) and spreads the message of positivity with her posts. In a short time, she has truly become one of the influencers in this domain that the world could look up to.

plus size Latina influencers

3. Jessica Torres

Do you want to troll a plus-size girl for the fashion choices she makes? Jessica Torress is one influencer who will give you a virtual slap every time you dare to do that! A vlogger and stylist – Jessica since the time of joining her journalism class wanted to be the ‘fat version’ of Carrie Bradshaw – all dipped in Latina style.

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The unadulterated influencer, when you check her profile you will find it packed up with her retro-inspired shade palate with quirky captions! Hailing from Ecuador, currently she is based out of NYC and working for a fashion magazine.

4. Dionn

She’s fat. She’s Afro-Latina. She’s a no-nonsense woman who loves and celebrates herself as she is. Click on her Instagram account – Supersize My Fashion and you will get to see for yourself how she manages to celebrate the beauty of her body as she receives hate messages from around the globe.

plus size Latina influencers

5. Marcela McCausland

Born to the well-remembered journalist Ernesto McCausland, Marcela though was shielded in childhood, but could not escape the trolling in the age of social media. Oversized since childhood, she is one of the biggest plus size Latina influencers and a television personality, who puts forth the concept of oversized fashion, the benchmarks of plus-size fashion, and stories of bullying that she has tolerated since childhood. She is a role model for one and all – who wish to make a mark in the world despite the constant body-shaming.

6. Ursula The Sea Bitch

That’s exactly what she is! One of the famed plus size Latina influencers – Ursula has been consistently working with the queer communities, inspiring them to shed their shame and come out to represent their beauty. Her vlogs primarily concentrate on – fat and brown bodies (racism has been an important discussion in all her videos) and queer individuals.

7. Alessandra Gonzales

The San Diego-based vlogger is another of the plus size Latina influencers who have been making waves in the fashion industry. The bilingual blogger comes up with a range of beauty and style tips specifically curated for women with heavy bounties. When you check out her posts, you will find for yourself how she tries out different dresses and make-up, then she goes further to pose and spread the messages of body positivity.

8. Marcy Cruz

Strongly cementing her position in the plus-size fashion industry – Marcy Cruz, one of the most notable plus size Latina influencers is an activist with two decades of experience. The content creator for the blog – Fearlessly Just Me, is a bold Latina who not only speaks of the constant body-shaming that surrounds the plus size individuals but through her blogs tries to highlight the medical conditions that cause them.

Unlike any other, she speaks about female health issues that directly affect an individual’s weight and how ladies find it difficult to lose the same. She is officially signed up as the 4X+ fit model.

9. Anastasia Furrow

One of the most exceptional plus size Latina influencers who has been fighting two auto-immune diseases(Hashimotos and Lupus) and yet spreading the message of body positivity – Anastasia is a woman to look up to. She strives to succeed at her 9-to-5 work-from-home desk job, while she shows off her plus-size modeling skills as a lingerie model.

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This Utah-based gorgeous beauty is one of the few individuals who once again via her posts show the world’s judgemental tendencies and prove them wrong with her fighting spirit. plus size Latina influencers

10. Adriana Convers

Plus-size, body-positive, and a fashion and web editor hailing from Colombia – Adriana Convers is a woman to look up to! You can check out her Instagram account to find that she has an eye for bold prints. For the unversed, the Colombian beauty has multiple times in the span of her career been body-shamed, especially since she was in showbiz. But she has never given up and is a noted publicist.

11. Virgie Tovar

The lady with a plus-size figure, a bigger heart, and a ‘don’t care’ attitude has a name – Virgie Tovar. With over 68k followers on Instagram, she is one of the plus size Latina influencers whose unapologetic style has won hearts. Her account primarily deals with travel and food, but she pledges to talk and debate about body acceptance and negate weight-based discrimination.

An activist based out of San Fransisco, she has widely talked about how societal shaming of plus-size women has affected not just women but also queer individuals. Check out her Instagram account and you will find bold prints and vintage clothing highlighting her account.

12. Jennifer Barreto Levya

One of the renowned plus size Latina influencers who has advocated body positivity for more than two decades, especially in the modeling circuit of Latin America. Jennifer has challenged the bar set for unrealistic beauty standards and is a renowned radio and television persona. If you want to get a closer look at her thoughts, you could always listen to her podcast on Apple with Carmen DeLeon and Elyfer Torres.

13. Marlena Matute

One of the exceptional plus size Latina influencers who is of Panamanian descent, Marlena comes from a needy background. Learning from her personal struggles she has excelled in the domain of plus-size models and currently showcases affordable fashion and body-positive messages via her blog – Big City, Curvy Girl, Thin Wallet.

As a fashion content creator coming from a poor background, her motto has always been – to break unrealistic fashion standards but all within the budget. If you have a plus-size size but do not wish to break your wallet – hers is the Instagram page you must follow.

Closing thoughts

With Hispanic Heritage Month coming closer, we sincerely hope we could highlight the contributions of some of the exceptional plus size Latina influencers. Is your fave listed out here? As we celebrate these ladies, did we miss anyone on this list? Why don’t you list them down for us? What’s the next topic that you wish to discuss? Let us know your choices. Keep checking this website for more.

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