Benefits Of Fat Gripz Equipment

Fat Gripz Equipment

If you’re looking for a fast way to build your muscles and improve your entire body shape, consider investing in a Fat gripz equipment. 

Fat gripz are designed to thicken the diameter of a standard weight bar, therefore providing the user with a wider grip during the workout. This enhances the strength of your arm muscles and creates more room for new muscles. 

Likewise, this tool is very versatile meaning you can use it on multiple bars including dumbbells and standard barbells. Now that we have explained the basics, let’s look at the various benefits of investing in this tool. See this link for more details.

  • Improve Grip Strength

Using a thicker bar can help improve grip strength and the overall performance of the forearm grip. 

The benefits of improving the grip strength are vast. when your grip gets firmer, the pain in the endurance muscles lessens, and the circulation of blood improves which leads to a decrease in psychological pressure and anger. 

Also, your ability to lift more weight increases. When you exercise using an open fist, you’re forced to squeeze the bar harder so that the weights do not fall off. This activates the secondary fibrous muscles in your hands something that you cannot achieve with standard weights.

  • Maximizing Muscle Contractions

When the Fat gripz is wrapped around a standard bar, the barbell becomes hard to grip. This forces the bodybuilder to apply more pressure to the bar which causes the muscles around the arm to work effectively and achieve superior contractions. 

Whether you’re performing pull or push movements, the fat grip will definitely assist in reaching maximum effort limits by enhancing muscle engagement and activation. With time, the bicep muscles grow bigger, thicker, and stronger.

  • Balancing Arm Muscles

By converting weight into a thicker bar, Fat gripz plays a big role in altering the mechanical arm motion. Not only does it increase the strength of the upper arm but also provides additional strength to the lower arm. 

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Simply, using a thicker bar helps to create a balance between the top and the bottom muscles of the arm unlike using a standard bar which only works on one side of the arm. Generally, your body parts are programmed to stay in equilibrium, that’s why the brain actually inhibits other body parts from growing until your hands and forearms catch up. 

No matter how hard you work out, eventually, you will hit a plateau. Regular dumbbells and barbells may not help much but train with a Fat gripz can help eliminate imbalances. Click here to read more.

  • Reduce Joint Injuries                                                                                                                           

Joint injuries are common in most lifters. This is because weight lifting exalts too much pressure on the body’s weak points like the wrist and elbows. 

However, you can prevent such predicaments by using a thicker bar. When you increase the diameter of a standard bar, the resistance is distributed evenly across the muscles of the arm. 

This increases muscle engagement and reduces pressure on the joints of the arm. Also, using a thicker bar can increase the hardest levels of exercise without going super heavy.

  • Versatility Use

This tool is used to perform several exercises including bench press-ups, pull-ups, extensions, lateral raises among others. 

Typically, almost every upper body exercise and a few lower body ones as well. The goal here is to increase the size of your hand and the needed strength. Its small and compact size makes it easy to carry and store. 

Moreover, you can easily fit it on multiple types of weight handles and start working out immediately. If you have smaller hands, worry not because there are different options available that can fit perfectly. This category falls under 7 inches.

  • Cheap Piece of Health Equipment

The price of acquiring a Fat gripz is much lower than that of most gym equipment. A pre-built thicker weight will cost you almost twice the price of one fat grip. Also, when you compare the price and the gains you achieve from the grips, it is priceless. While prices may vary from one dealer to another, this tool is quite cost-friendly and easily available.

  • Supporting your Weight Loss
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If you are looking for an easy way to lose weight and at the same time increase your body strength, consider exercising with thicker weights. Your body gets to burn excess fats in the body cells and converts the remaining fats into strong muscles. This means you get to lose weight and achieve a well-toned body at the same time.                                                                                                        

  • Bigger chest

The benefits of a Fat gripz are not limited to the arms alone. It can also be used by bodybuilders to train their chests. In fact, most of the world’s most famous athletes recommend the use of Fat gripz for bench presses. This tool will help you improve your chest strength without putting so much pressure on your joints.


Fat gripz is becoming more popular among all levels of bodybuilders. Powerlifters have used this tool for decades and found it truly adds value. Besides being versatile, it is also relatively cheaper compared to other types of grips. Simply, it is among the cheapest ways to improve your grip strength, maximize muscle contraction and shape up your body without breaking a bank. The tool is also quick and easy to use, installation only takes a few seconds. To know more about this tool, do your research and read through various reviews.

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