HGH as a powerful and dangerous hormone

HGH as a powerful and dangerous hormone

HGH is also known as human growth hormone and is produced in our body naturally by the pituitary gland. This hormone plays an important role in our cell growth, cell regeneration, and cellular reproduction.

Human growth hormone helps you to maintain and build muscle tissues, and repair them too. The process, in turn, improves muscular strength. Not just muscle tissues, HGH also repairs the unhealthy or damaged tissues in your brain and other vital organs.

If you have any injury on any site of your body, this hormone rapidly heals the injured cells. After healing, HGH replaces the damaged tissues with healthy ones. When you undergo an extremely vigorous exercise schedule, your muscles often tend to wear out. Thus, human growth hormone repairs your fatigued and damaged muscle tissues.  In this way, the hormone helps to boost your muscle strength and you can workout without worrying about recovery. Muscle mass increases when there is better metabolism and that promotes fat burning.

You may initially think that HGH is only related to the growth of height or strengthening muscle mass. However, this hormone can also contribute to the texture and tone of your skin. Yes, you heard that right! Human growth hormone slows fights early aging and treats any age-associated diseases.

Why do you need HGH?

The major route that HGH follows in boosting your muscle strength or weight loss is by speeding up your body’s metabolism.  The hormone stimulates various metabolic processes in your body cells to trigger the BMR (basal metabolic rate) of your system. For example, HGH stimulates your liver to synthesize proteins similar to insulin for the production of cartilage cells. These cells play a key role in the growth of your bones and several other organs.

HGH is an important hormone that is naturally synthesized in your body. If it is present in adequate amounts in your system, then there is no issue. However, deficiency of this hormone can give rise to many disorders in your body – some of them can have fatal repercussions. Therefore, if you are tested with lower levels of HGH production, you need to artificially supplement it. You can do that by taking HGH supplements in various forms of pills, injections, or orally through your diet.

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Importance of HGH

You generally take HGH to treat problems associated with stunted growth in children/adults. If you have short bowel syndrome or loss of muscle mass due to HIV/AIDS, you might need HGH supplements too. You may have a deficiency of this hormone in your body for the below listed medical issues:

  1. Prader-Willi syndrome
  2. Chronic kidney diseases
  3. Turner syndrome
  4. Muscle wasting diseases
  5. Children who are born with low body weight
  6. Tumors in the pituitary gland restricting HGH production

You can take HGH injections to treat any problems related to loss of growth hormone production to:

  • Build and strengthen your muscle mass
  • Enhance exercise capacity
  • Improve the density of your bones
  • Burn body fat rapidly

For these amazing set of benefits that you get from HGH, you might consider taking their supplements to improve your athletic ability. You may also combine some anabolic steroids along with HGH supplements to rapidly build your muscle mass and enhance overall body strength.

What are the popular forms of HGH?

You can either take HGH injections intravenously (intramuscularly or IM) or subcutaneously (beneath your skin layer). It is important to you have appropriate prescriptions from a health expert or physician. You may also get access to some HGH injections that are illegally manufactured and sold in the market. However, we wouldn’t recommend anything that can have an adverse effect on your body.

For purchasing HGH supplements without prescriptions, you can turn online. You can get access to a lot of HGH products in the name of dietary supplements, sold by various manufacturers online. With these dietary supplements of HGH, you are supposed to get similar benefits as those of HGH injections. You may also purchase these dietary supplements in the name of human growth hormone releasers. HGH supplements elevate the level of human growth hormone production in your body due to the presence of amino acids.

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A dietary supplementation product called SeroVital raises the levels of human growth hormone in your body, without actually containing HGH. The product contains lots of amino acids which contribute to the increased HGH production. You can also strengthen your bones, increase the mass of lean muscle tissues, and burn body fat by taking this supplement.

Adverse effects of HGH

While administering HGH injections or taking them as dietary supplements, you may come across several side effects due to improper dosage. Forgetting appropriate results, it is important that you administer the dosage cycle of HGH injections effectively under expert supervision. If your dose is not regulated properly, there can be some long term effects that you may experience such as:

  1. Edema- Swelling of your legs and arms because of fluid retention
  2. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  3. Enlargement of your heart
  4. Elevated levels of cholesterol
  5. Fatigue
  6. Numbness and a tingling sensation on your skin
  7. Liver damage
  8. Increased heart rate
  9. Risk of getting diabetes
  10. Lower blood sugar level
  11. Gynecomastia- enlargement of the chest region in males, forming ‘man breasts’
  12. Risk of growing cancerous tumors
  13. Mood swings, dependency, and a tendency of withdrawal
  14. Acromegaly- enlargement of facial features, feet, and hands
  15. Pain in the joints, muscles, and nerves

Final thoughts

If you are taking HGH supplements in your diet or in the form of injections, be extremely careful about the dosage. Only take HGH injections or dietary supplements if you have been prescribed to do so by your doctor. Keep in touch with your doctor regularly for proper supervision of your dosage cycle. If you face any sort of side effects or adverse reactions immediately inform your physician. We don’t recommend you to buy any online product unless you’re absolutely sure about its authenticity.

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