HGH The Miracle Drug? Or Is There A Negative Side As Well

HGH The Miracle Drug? Or Is There A Negative Side As Well

Hollywood seems to take the lead in most innovative and ground breaking drugs, procedures and practices that present any amount of age defying benefits, regardless their monetary cost. That makes sense, since celebrities have to rely on their youthful good lucks to excel and even survive in an industry where beautiful young faces appear so frequently. Long gone are the days of surgical facelifts and botox injections, people want fool proof results within minimum time frame and with less risks. Treatments like vampire facial, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, and Harmon Replacement Therapy (HRT) have stood the test of time in medical field and are increasingly being used for youthful looks and maintaining good health.

The relatively new breakthrough is the use of HGH along with the medical procedures like PRP and HRT for a prolonged, more natural, subtle youthful appearance and improved vigor. Back in the day, Stallone also confessed to using HGH for muscle gain in Rambo, something that was brought into limelight by professional bodybuilders. And if someone wants to explore the true, unadulterated, uncapped potential of HGH, then look no further than the whole line up of Mr. Olympia, the premier event in the bodybuilding world.

The Golden Path

Surely, you don’t have to take as much as the professional bodybuilders and you certainly shouldn’t use it if you are taking high dosages of other sports enhancement technology, aka steroids. The golden path is not to go overboard and you should always use it as per advice of your healthcare practitioner. Yes, you can get it prescribed and that’s the best way to get the purest form of HGH, since the counterfeits are dozen per dime. For more info, click here.

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The Negative Side of HGH

Most bodybuilding critics and gurus are of the view that ‘bubble gut’ has ruined the sport of bodybuilding. The sport which was once touted as an art form is now facing a serious debacle. Everything seemed fine until the year 1997, when Mr. Olympia champion, Dorian Yates defended his title with an extended gut, melted arms and weak legs. Another mass monster, Naseer El Sonbaty, claimed the second spot, whereas hugely aesthetic and a legend in his own right, Shawn Ray, got third position in a very controversial decision. This set the tone for the coming time, as to what the judges were looking for in a bodybuilder of Olympia level.

Fast forward to 2015, the most iconic and well known body builder in the world, the one who put the spotlight on the sport itself, Arnold Schwarzenegger criticized the big gut phenomenon or palumboism prevalent for last 17-20 years in the sport. This criticism by one of the legends stirred the industry and bubble gut was condemned openly on social media.

The Causes of Bloated Gut in Pro-bodybuilders

The causes are numerous and are attributed to a combination of factors including the use of steroids, diet, insulin and HGH. The reason for attributing extended gut with HGH and insulin, among others, is that Dorian Yates openly confessed to using these to get big, in interviews to London Reel that allowed him to change the game of bodybuilding forever. However there is no scientific evidence supporting this assumption. Also, another bodybuilding legend and multiple time Olympia winner, Jay Cutler attributed constant eating to out of control gut, not steroids, insulin or HGH. Cutler went on to making the argument that if HGH was the root cause of bloated gut, then the gut should remain bloated and couldn’t get fixed. But there are numerous examples including his own, where bodybuilders came in bloated a year and fixed the issue a year later. These include Kai Greene, Phil Heath and Roelly Winkler.

And then we see Rich Piana, the most honest bodybuilder and one of the most known figures in the current bodybuilding landscape. He blatantly and directly points finger at HGH. To know more about myths and facts regarding the link between HGH and palumboism, click here.

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Opinions and experts are also eyeing insulin as the major culprit, as the use of insulin is debated to have lessen the muscle definition in professional bodybuilders.

There you have it folks! There are known, proved and scientifically backed benefits of HGH, and that’s the reason athletes use it to enhance their physique and performance. But going overboard and not heeding to potential risks may lead toward uncontrolled and unmanageable side effects.

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