4 Main Reasons for Road Accidents

4 Main Reasons for Road Accidents

Accidents on roads occur oftentimes. Whenever we come across an accident on the road, we hardly pay attention to the reason behind the incident. Taking accidents serious can help us a lot in mending our ways. But one must not wait for any deadly event to pay heed to the traffic rules. When we are on the road, we must understand that it is a sharing property. Each one on the road is liable for not becoming the reason for disturbance or accident on the road. Avoiding these violent acts is not enough; one should be careful for recovery time after the occurrence of an accident.

There are several reasons for road accidents, but the following are at the top of the list:

Over Speeding:

We all remain in a hurry all the time. Every one of us wants to reach our destination on time. We do not focus on the elements that compel us of fast driving. We increase our speed to cover all of those reasons. We often forget that it’s better to be late than never.

Furthermore, human nature is also fond of over speeding. If we are allowed to raise the speed of our vehicles, we wish to raise it till infinity. This speeding beyond limits causes fatal accidents on the road. According to WHO, more than 1.35 million people get disastrous consequences on the road all over the world in a year. And more than half of these crashes occur due to speeding.

Breaking Traffic Rules:

Low and middle-income countries like India, Pakistan and many more contain 60% of the world’s traffic. But unfortunately, traffic rules are not seriously followed in these regions. People often do not aware of the major traffic rules while using the roads. Such unfamiliar users lead to brutal accidents. They not only keep their lives at risk but also other users are at high risk. When we do not follow traffic rules properly, they lead to severe consequences.

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Not Using Safety Gadgets:

The drivers should use safety measures like helmets and seat belts. Unfortunately, we do not take these gadgets seriously. Bike riding is considered dangerous all over the world, and we feel proud of riding a bike without using a helmet. In case of a bike accident, threat of head injury doubles while not wearing a helmet. Similarly not using the seat belt of a car will also lead to any serious result in case of a road accident.

Distracted Driving:

Distracted driving causes more accidents in the present. The first distraction nowadays is mobile phones. We are very much aware of not using the phones while on the road, but we don’t pay much attention to it. As per one survey risk of a road accident increases four times if a mobile phone is used while driving. Phones should not be used while driving. But if it is very much essential to attend a call then first of all the vehicle should be stopped by a safe side. Some severe other driving distractions can be:

  • Banners and Billboards
  • Eating food while driving
  • Animals on the road
  • Radio in a vehicle
  • Adjustments of mirrors while driving

There are so many other causes of road accidents such as rain, fog, alcoholic driving, teenagers driving, running red lights and many more. But the reasons mentioned above cause half of the accidents on the road.

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