Self-Hypnosis and the Quality of Life: Learn How to Boost Your Self-Esteem in 7 Simple Steps

Self-Hypnosis and the Quality of Life: Learn How to Boost Your Self-Esteem in 7 Simple Steps

Recent studies show up to 85 percent of Americans live with self-esteem issues. For some, they’re merely mild, fleeting feelings. In many cases, though, they’re major obstacles. No matter how substantial this highly common problem may be, following these seven simple steps can bring overcoming it well within anyone’s reach.

1) Look Inward

Far too many people try to glean their confidence from other people’s opinions of them. They look to those all-powerful pats on the back from coworkers, employers, friends and loved ones to determine their worth. Unfortunately, accolades rarely come from those external sources when they’re needed most.

For this reason, looking inward is the key to boosting self-esteem. Find inner strength and become your own fountain of confidence. This is certainly the most difficult aspect of increasing self-confidence, but resources like meditation techniques and self hypnosis downloads tend to offer a great deal of help.

2) Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Comparing yourself or any element of life to those of other people is a sure-fire way to deflate an ego. Just don’t do it. No two people or lives are the same. Yours belongs to you alone, and doing what makes you feel comfortable, happy and satisfied can work wonders for self-confidence.

3) Think Positively

Ongoing research, including one study recently published by Science Daily, points out the human brain operates on what has become known as the “negativity bias”. In other words, we’re hardwired to think negatively and hold onto destructive thoughts. This ingrained trait is largely responsible for anxiety, depression, low self-confidence and a wide range of other issues, some of which even affect our physical health.

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While the negativity bias is embedded within all of us, it affects some more significantly than others. It’s also difficult to reverse but not impossible. Something as simple as forcing yourself to think positive thoughts can make an incredible difference in self-esteem levels and life in general.

4) Celebrate Small Victories

Did you wake up and tell yourself today is going to be a great day? Have you been practicing not comparing your life to other people’s? Did you get the little ones to school on time?

Rolling out of bed on a particularly bad morning is sometimes an accomplishment in itself. Even the smallest feats can be considered triumphs especially when self-esteem issues are at work. Give yourself a pat on the back for them.

5) Treat Yourself

Doing something nice for yourself goes a long way toward promoting positivity and improving disposition. Have a pint of ice cream and a glass of wine on occasion. Go out for a spur-of-the-moment lunch. Take a nap. Think of certain little things that make you happy, and don’t be afraid to act on them here and there.

6) Be Active

Exercise is known for generating a wide range of benefits, some of which pertain to improving mental health. Physical activity has been found to produce a number of endorphins, including serotonin and dopamine, the “feel good” hormones. Higher levels of those in the system can provide a nice confidence boost.

7) Forgive Yourself for Setbacks

No one is perfect. Everyone has bad days and stumbles over life’s little hurdles from time to time. Of course, thanks to the negativity bias, a single difficulty tends to have a greater impact on us than ten victories. Remember to breathe and let go of those setbacks rather than dwelling on them.

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Bottom Line

Low self-esteem isn’t a rare issue by any means; in fact, it’s one countless people struggle with on a daily basis. Look inward for assurance, embrace positivity and free yourself from negativity. These straightforward steps are crucial to unlocking your inner confidence, and numerous resources are available to help along the way.

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