Self-care: 5 ways tech is making wellbeing manageable

Self-care: 5 ways tech is making wellbeing manageable

It’s easy to become dispirited about the potential impact of technology on wellbeing. After all, frustration can easily set in as a phone beeps with notifications arriving, while checking emails can take up an unhelpfully large amount of a person’s work schedule.

However, with technology, it’s not necessarily the technology itself, but instead how we tend to use it, which creates problems. Here are ways that tech is actually helping to improve wellbeing.

Expanding social circles

Scrolling through Facebook and Twitter feeds can feel fiendishly addictive, but you don’t strictly need to wean yourself off it. After all, social media can help you to meet new people – people who you might never have come across in face-to-face settings.

Judging from studies mentioned in an article on the Virgin website, social networks can also foster the spreading of both happiness and healthy habits. Therefore, on social media, make sure you hang around people conducive to your mental healthiness – just as you should in real life.

Tracking health and fitness

Have you ever felt frustrated at seeing your weight on the scales creeping up even while you were convinced that you were eating healthily? If so, you can probably easily appreciate the modern availability of self-tracking devices focused on various facets of health and fitness.

If you continue struggling to muster enough motivation to get exercising and eating healthily, you could join a community like BodySpace to find new friends who could hold you accountable.Self-care: 5 ways tech is making wellbeing manageable

Helping swimmers to make the most of workouts

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While runners have a good choice of fitness trackers with which they can keep a record of their runs, you could struggle to find such a device suitable for use when swimming.

Still, there remain enough swimming trackers that you should be careful about which of them you choose. Bustle explains that the best swimming-friendly fitness trackers are waterproof and capable of measuring your workouts and providing useful data.

The site also lists various trackers that swimmers should especially consider.

Helping people to sleep better

Do you often struggle to sleep? One culprit could be staring at a bright screen ahead of settling down to sleep. That habit can become problematic due to how the light hinders the production of melatonin, a hormone responsible for regulating sleep.

Reassuringly, however, Apple and Microsoft have implemented features allowing you to tinker with the settings of a screen to make it kinder on your sleeping efforts.

Encouraging smokers to quit

Smoking is unhealthy, we are often told – but vaping is much less so. The Government-run body Public Health England has claimed that, compared to smoking standard tobacco figures, vaping is approximately 95% less harmful, as the Daily Mail has reported.

Rising awareness about the relative healthiness of vaping could help to explain why, in 2018, Britain had about 3.2 million vapers – four times higher than the figure of six years earlier. With a device called an e-cigarette, like the Innokin Proton, you could help yourself to decrease your dependency on smoking.

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