How To Get The Weight Off In Those Last Phases

How To Get The Weight Off In Those Last Phases

So you’ve lost a lot of weight and are almost at your goal. The numbers on the scale or the measuring tape have dropped through months or even years of hard work, so good for you!

However, the struggle is not yet over. Many people who have struggled with losing weight say that the last five or ten pounds are the hardest to get off. This could be the cause of you losing motivation and undoing all that good work. Don’t despair, though! The following tips will help you change your track and lose those last few stubborn pounds in no time:

Power Up

How To Get The Weight Off In Those Last Phases

You might feel completely demotivated by seeing the same number on the scale week after week. However, this is the exact time when you need to power up your body the most. Stay focused on your diet and see what you can add in order to make it more effective. For many people, the most effective means is exercising more.

This is because exercising will burn off your fat, while just dieting will burn off lean mass in the beginning. If you already have an exercise regime, step it up a bit. Ask a friend to join you in an exercise regime. This will help you power through longer workouts and more intensive sets. Include strength training or resistance training. You may also want to make things more fun with aerobics or swimming!

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Go for CoolSculpting

Coolsculpting in NJ and other areas are growing in popularity, and with good reason. For an easy, non-invasive method of losing those last pounds, this method just might be what you’re looking for. The scientific name for this is cryolipolysis, with coolsculpting being quite an accurate way of describing the whole procedure.

With coolsculpting, the aim is to freeze and hence kill off those pesky fat cells. The treatment itself is FDA-approved and works quite well with many individuals. It functions through a large applicator, much like a huge vacuum hose suctioning the target area. The applicator then applies cooling plates to damage the fat cells so they can’t recover. You might be in and out in less than 35 minutes. This causes a bit of numbing but is almost painless and relatively comfortable.

Maintain A Food Diary

Maintaining a food diary might require some disciple, but it might help you see where you’re going wrong. You may think your diet is the same, but perhaps your portion sizes have gone up when you gained confidence with the lost weight.

A food diary means you write (or type) down everything you consume. This will help you pinpoint the high-calorie snacks, occasional desserts, and any other lapses. If you do notice too much cheating, don’t despair. You’ve gotten this far, all you have to do is brush yourself off and get back to a proper diet from your next meal.

Limit Carbs

How To Get The Weight Off In Those Last Phases

Carbs are the building block of fat, so you don’t want them around when losing weight. Stick to the good carbs, such as those in carrots and chickpeas. However, you should try to steer clear of carbs completely in the evening and before cardio exercises. Carbs trigger your insulin release, which may inhibit the fat burning process. Unless you’re doing cardio for the performance or have to be active at night, this isn’t good news for your weight loss goals.

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Rev Up The Metabolism

Your weight struggles might be due to a slow metabolism. You can make it faster by eating around six small meals a day instead of three regular ones. Go for light, healthy options that won’t be difficult to break down. This is also a good idea for those with high blood sugar. A bit of real, unprocessed cheese, a handful of nuts, or an apple will suffice as one meal.

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