6 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Fitness Trainer

6 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Fitness Trainer

When you are starting out to venture into fitness career, it helps to consider what challenges you might meet. A career as a personal trainer can be a rewarding job but there’s a lot more beyond success that people may not see. Getting started in this career takes time so to help you decide whether you should get certified as a personal trainer, here are 6 things to consider before becoming a fitness trainer

  1. Having The Actual Class Is The Easy Part

It might seem like becoming a fitness easy is easy because you get to have the time of your life dancing your way to zumba or aerobics but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It takes time and preparation to complete a fun class. Take for example a Zumba instructor, before she shows up at the gym showing you all the moves, she spent hours creating a choreography routine, looking for the perfect playlist and attending trainings or conferences to learn new moves.

  1. You are your own boss

You are responsible for running your own business when you become a personal fitness trainer. If you want to offer a valuable experience to your clients or students, you have to constantly improve your performance. This can be done by getting enough training, necessary certifications and liability insurance. The real core of becoming a fitness trainer is you have to create a sustainable business that doesn’t overwhelm your physical and emotional energy in getting clients. You need to recognize yourself as a product that customers will buy. By becoming a valuable product, it is your responsibility to develop your skills and market yourself.

  1. It’s All About Your Client’s’ Best Interest
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People often sees that becoming a fitness instructor is a fun job because you get paid to work out. That is not exactly the case. When you become a trainer, getting a good workout should be last thing that runs on your mind. You will be responsible in teaching other people by creating safe and effective workout exercise, not for your personal workout. You need to be motivated while demonstrating the proper movements for the exercises your students will do in class. At the end of the day, you don’t think about your personal desire to stay fit but for the best interest of your student’s well-being.

  1. You must constantly learn more

If you decide on taking on the fitness career, you will meet new techniques and research to apply when you teach your students. As the ever-changing world develops, fitness training is also included. In order to ensure your clients receive the best possible workout experience, you should constantly learn more by taking workshops, online courses or conference sessions. It’s not just about teaching classes and moving on to the next day. You have to equip and update yourself with great skills that keeps clients coming back for more. You need to be the best instructor you can be to stay competitive so investing your energy, time and money on learning will eventually reap good results.

  1. You Must Be A Master Motivator

Working out takes strong motivation to keep you up and running to stay fit. Normally it will be hard to keep up with the challenging training course so as a trainer, your role is to be a motivator. If you enter the world of fitness career, being equipped with the right knowledge and skills is not only your responsibility. You will be faced with clients who might want to give up working out so it is your duty to challenge and motivate them to finish the course up to the last few reps.

  1. You need to always present yourself
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Most clients always have high expectations that for sure you might not always get to meet. So make sure to prepare yourself in dealing with people not happy to see you. The job could be really rewarding especially when you have helped people transform and lose some pounds with your classes. But of course being a fitness instructor is not always a perfect job, sometimes you also get burnt out or get sick. You will meet challenges where no other instructor fills in so you have to still execute the best class by creating excitement for your being able to put your personal challenges and ego aside is critical to your career.


Having your own gym or being a fitness trainer in a well-recognized gym or fitness center might take time. So, before getting the right certification or being fully fit for a fitness trainer job, you can become a personal fitness tutor. Just like you can be a math, English, or chemistry tutor, you can be a fitness tutor as well. You need to find some energetic guys and help them become fitter and stronger.

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