The compelling case to go natural for your new bedroom

The compelling case to go natural for your new bedroom

Buying a new home or moving to a new location is always exciting, it’s hopefully that busy time of your life where you are embracing renewal of your living space. This also includes upgrades to where you spend 30% of your life, the bedroom and more specifically your mattress.

If you have been following the latest trends, you know mattress purchase has become immensely easier than the days of walking into showrooms and being totally confused. There are many online providers giving you free shipping and free return. The issue, unfortunately, is also the same, there are too many choices to decide. Here is an alternate solution- try a natural organic fiber or foam for your mattress.

Organic lifestyle and nature-based eating have taken over society strongly, it’s reflecting in our sleep habits. Organic cotton mattress like Japanese futons or latex based organic natural foam mattress is actively sought after by health-conscious new home owners.

The best mattress for health and back pain may just be a Japanese organic Futon.

Here are 3 questions to consider if this is indeed the right option for you

1. Have you had prior physiological issues with mattress, any pain with your back, body?

Natural mattress contour to body surface better than factory made foams or spring, coils. The cell structure of a latex or cotton mattress adapts to the body indentations just like a clothing accessory

2. What type of sleeper are you and what is the surface providing in terms of comfort

The natural mattress is good for the most type of sleepers, but especially for those with back issues. Thinner mattress from cotton or the bouncier natural foam in latex helps the back get a natural support structure during sleep. If you are heavier in nature, then probably a non-natural mattress is better so it can deflect your weight.

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The compelling case to go natural for your new bedroom bed

3. Does your body react to chemicals or is there a need to remain away from VOC producing materials that can cause cancer?

A lot of people have suffered from disorders or having seen near one going through are choosing natural mattresses for the 7-8 hours of their daily cycle. A lot of these natural fibers like wool, cotton, and latex are all hypoallergenic. There is a reason why new born baby clothing is mostly cotton, it’s the best for our skin.

Think natural for most things and you have an answer

A lot of our modern issues can be traced to chemicals in our daily lives. It requires us to use common sense, we have a higher chance of being in tune with natural survival and cycles if we use products from nature. Even if you are unable to afford an organic mattress, see if an organic cotton mattress protector will ensure your top layer protects you from the chemical foam from below.

Don’t get confused! All natural mattresses are not organic! 

When you visit an organic mattress store online or in location, confirm thoroughly that it is indeed 100% organic or natural. A lot of modern latex foam mattresses are synthetic mattresses which are manufactured by polymerizing a monomer. Just be careful that the mattresses are made from natural organic products that guarantee the eco-friendly aspect and it is not the top layer with the rest filled with polyester or other chemically laced material

Whatever you decide, ensure you are conscious of your life choices in a world full of chemical products.

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