Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

Many people tend to think that personal injury claims are often frivolous. They imagine people pretending to be injured or pretending to have a more serious injury than they do in order to grab some quick cash. However, the truth is that most people who file personal injury claims actually need the compensation. Severe injuries can leave people unable to work while facing a mounting pile of medical bills. As Harvey Morris, an Albertville AL personal injury lawyer explains, many people with injuries seek legal assistance because they are already so overwhelmed by their situation that trying to file a legal claim on their own seems daunting.

There are many types of personal injury claims filed each year, but here are a few of the most common.

Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical malpractice claims are filed when a patient has suffered unnecessarily due to medical negligence. For example, if a patient is given the wrong type or dosage of a medication and suffers an injury as a result, they may be eligible to file a medical malpractice claim. In order to successfully file one of these claims, the victim will often get the services of an expert medical witness, who can testify on his or her behalf.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

When a worker is injured on the job as a result of the negligence of the employer, a workers’ compensation claim can be filed. These types of claims follow a formal process, which varies slightly depending on the state. According to Robert Haddad, a personal injury attorney in Virginia Beach, VA, if the injured worker’s company refuses to process the claim, or if the claim is rejected by the insurance company, the worker can get the services of a lawyer to help them appeal the case.

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Car Accident Claims

The laws regarding car accident claims vary from state-to-state, but many car accident claims are filed each year. Car accident claims are made when an individual has been injured in a car accident due to the negligence of the other driver. For example, if you are severely injured after being hit by a drunk driver, the other driver would be responsible, since he or she caused the accident by driving while intoxicated.

Product Liability Claims

A product liability claim is made when an individual is injured by a product that should have been safe. Manufacturers are expected to uphold certain safety standards and warn users of any safety concerns with their products. If they fail to meet these standards, and consumers are injured as a result, a product liability claim can be filed. For example, if a manufacturer releases defective vehicle parts which cause accidents, the injured parties could file a product liability claim.=

These are just a few of the most common types of personal injury claims. If you’ve been hurt because another person or company was negligent, don’t give up on getting the compensation you deserve. As Ronald Jebaily, an accident injury lawyer in Florence, SC explains, injured parties should get legal help if they need to file a personal injury lawsuit. An expert personal injury lawyer will know the local laws inside out and will not be afraid of going after your compensation aggressively, which means you can relax and focus on healing from your injury, rather than on the stress of fighting for your claim.

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