Prevent Injury with a Sports Physio

Prevent  Injury with a Sports Physio

Seeking a sports physio can be beneficial for both elite athletes and everyday individuals who partake in their own fitness and exercise regime. Regardless of your fitness level, no one likes being burdened with injury, pain or any other condition which prevents them from adhering to their exercise program or performing at their best. If you want to avoid taking forced time off from your exercise regime, then you should be taking an active approach to avoiding injuries. Learn how sports physio in Como can help you avoid such injuries and keep you performing at your best.

Understanding Your Body

A sports physio will have a thorough understanding of the muscles and joints frequently used in the sport or exercise type you perform, and will, therefore, understand many of the common injuries that occur in participants of such. Your physio will be able to prescribe you specific exercises and stretches which work to strengthen the areas of the body which are responsible for the movements required in your sport whilst also rehabilitating those areas which are often found to be overworked. This will ensure you do not have any muscle imbalances or overworked muscles at risk of injuries.


Prehabilitation programs have been prescribed by sports physios South Perth and across the city,  which are specifically designed for an individual to avoid injuries. It involves a series of exercises and stretches aimed not only to ensure muscles are balanced and strong but to improve coordination and flexibility. Prehabilitation programs should continue to change depending on the individuals’ condition and the demands of their sport of choice.

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Prehabilitation can be performed before your workout as a warm-up, after your workout as a cool down or most often, at a separate time from your current exercise commitments.

Prevent  Injury with a Sports Physio

Prevent Injury with a Sports Physio

Equipment Recommendations

Your local sports physio understands the importance of using correct equipment both within the prehabilitation process and during sports exercises. From prescribed running shoes to specialized knee sleeves, your physio will work with you to determine what type of support you require to ensure that your muscle and joints are protected during exercise. By controlling the impact and stress on your muscles and joints, an individual will actively prevent common injuries from occurring.

If you are experiencing muscle tightness or pain caused by regularly participating in your exercise of choice, it might be best to contact a sports physio. By enlisting the help of a trained professional, you can prevent the onset of serious injury whilst maximizing your personal performance and results.

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