How to Recover from Injury Faster

How to Recover from Injury Faster

Ever been strained, sprained, broken, or just plain left out of commission by an injury? Sometimes we break our bones by falling down and smashing against the hand ground. Sometimes we pull a muscle or tear a tendon from over-exertion during physical strain or exercise.

In any case, being injury just plain stinks: it leaves us unable to do what we physically have to do or physically love to do for a very long time. The idea is the same with recovery: the ample amount of time is needed to properly recover and be ready to go by the time your injury heals…you cannot make time go faster.

However, you can speed up the recovery process by taking proper care of your body during the period and by doing everything that you can that is in your power to improve the broken, strained, or sprained areas. Take these tips on how to recover from an injury faster and get yourself back in the game as soon as it is wisely possible to do so.

1. See a specialist for your injury as soon as possible

Although you may be avoiding a specialist or therapist for healing your injury and although you may be in victim mode in regard to the speed of the healing process, it is super import to start therapy as soon as possible to reduce scar-tissue and promote muscle healing and strength prior to being 100% healed. It is all too common to re-injure a hurt body part, and to avoid over-exertion, you should see a therapist to gradually get yourself back to the point where you can handle strenuous amounts of workload via weight training, playing sports, or doing physical manual labor. Injuries don’t always heal on their own and they RARELY heal PROPERLY on their own: seeing someone and gradually getting back into it can make all the difference in the world. In addition, do independent research on a website like cpoe so you know the right questions to ask and what to expect from your specialist when you are going into the appointment: do not go into it blind!

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2. Activate the muscle frequently using low intensity movements

Start getting your body tissues healed up by moving the muscle or tendon and using extremely low intensity (with sustained resistance over time) as often as possible as soon as it is professionally advised post-injury. Low intensity movements keep the blood pulsating through the muscle and also stretching of the tissue: so the tissue heals properly AND nutrients are delivered to the injured area in the bloodstream. If you have an ailing injury; and, for example, you are  dealing with a sprained wrist, perform some movement through the supervision of a specialist to get back on track at a much quicker pace.

3. Get ice on the injured area right away after hurting it

One of the most important things to do immediately after you have hurt yourself, is to get ice on the area. Put ice on it, then take it off after a few minutes, and then replace it. Of course, you will still have to go to the hospital or see your doctor, but icing right away minimizes swelling to the most affect as possible and can prevent the injury from worsening in the interim between hurting yourself and getting the proper medical attention you need to start the healing process. Do not hurt your skin by applying ice direct, but place fabrics in between the ice pack and your body and you will be miles ahead for when it comes time to treat the injury.


I hope those ideas help you understand how to recover and heal faster from your next injury brought on by physical activity. Whether you are an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, a manual laborer, or just someone who loves to be active…no one WANTS to get hurt. If you apply these tips, you can start the body through the healing process as soon as possible and as quickly as possible in terms of what nature allows.

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Have your own ideas for healing from an injury quicker next time? The comments below allow you to chime in and share your thoughts so you can help out others and learn something yourself. Get busy! 🙂

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