Workout Accessories to Prevent Injury

Workout Accessories to Prevent Injury

wssWe all have different goals and reasons for working out. Some people want to get large and muscular, some people want to be able to run a marathon, others want to be shredded and ripped, while some just want the idea of an in-shape body and an overall focus on wellness.

Whichever is your focus, I think it can be agreed upon that injury is the last thing on our minds and the least desirable outcome from working out. However, aches, pains, and injury do become inevitable over time when exercise and training are daily parts of life.

I have put together a couple of items that can be used during working out and even during periods of rest to alleviate pain, prevent injury, and help one press on during times of less than optimal physical condition. Check them out:

1. Back support

It is likely that at one time or other in anyone’s life who is active and works out, back pain and injury will occur that makes it either difficult to work out or sometimes even impossible. A supportive brace for back pain can be worn during workouts when heavy lifting has sometimes gotten the best of you. For example, squats and dead-lifts can be some of the best movements for overall body progression, but they can at times wreak havoc on the knees and back of the individual performing them. So, utilize proper back support in the gym.

2. Knee brace

Ever been a serious runner? Or, maybe you are a life-long casual runner who likes to compete in the occasion 5k and get out and hit the pavement from time to time. Whichever is your hobby, it is likely that at some point you may require some additional knee support. That said, a great knee brace, support, or strap can help with injury, tendinitis, and even with less than lubricated knee joints that begin to dry out over time. A proper knee brace or strap can keep you in the running game for longer.

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3. Ankle support

Ever rolled your ankle or feel sideways on it when coming down from a jump. Maybe you have gone for a lay-up for dunk in a basketball game and came down on the ankle wrong. There are times when the ankle can be susceptible to injury and need some support. In that case, a sturdy ankle brace can save you from having to leave the court. Sure, it is best to rest that area of the body for a time after damaging it, but an ankle brace can get you back into the game quicker and allow your body to heal without keeping you sidelined for long.

4. Wrist support

Sometimes, weight training can hurt parts of your body: notability the wrist area. Whether you are performing triceps exercises, or heavy complex lifts, a good set of wrist wraps can brace the wrist and keep it from being the weakest link during compound movements. Don’t shy away from the wrist wraps when going hard in the gym.

5. Eye Protection
Sports that involve physical contact and flying objects can put your eyes at risk for injury.  One of the most common (and frightening) injury in sports like basketball are eye injuries from other player’s fingers or elbows.  Protective sports goggles or basketball goggles are an important precaution in making sure your eyesight remains un-damaged, and you can continue to play with full vision.


That wraps up my workout accessories recommended to either avoid injury or prevent it from happening. Maybe you have had a time in life where you’ve had to use some of these accessories and equipment. If so, please share below in the comments and let’s discuss how to prevent injury and also how to heal it!

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